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2019 Chair Style Trends for Events and Weddings

As Australia’s leading event, party and wedding hire company, Party Hire Group are looking at the new year ahead to anticipate the top style trends for chair hire in 2019. Here’s our top list of chair hire trends:

Luxe trimmings

tiffany chairs 2019 trend

We’re seeing very high interest from clients in our range of chanel, tiffany and victorian chairs. These chairs a refined and elegant style that clients are seeking to celebrate major events in their life such as weddings. In 2019, we’re seeing a return to the trend of ‘proper’ wedding receptions over more casual affairs, where patrons enjoy a memorable experience for the day they may have been planning for years.

For example one of our most popular chair styles – the tiffany chair – features a high back that flairs out from the top to middle. It has ornate trimmings and comfortable, padded seats but does not feel or look ‘heavy’.

One reason for its popularity is it’s range of luxury styled colours including gold and silver.


Versatile options for indoor and outdoor spaces

With more options for outdoor event spaces via the use of large marquees and tents, flexible solutions such as durable Tolix and wire mesh chairs are becoming more popular as guests wish to enjoy sunny outside weather but also mingle in a comfortable indoor space in wind and rain.

Tolix stools

Because they are made of metal and use a strong and simple design, Tolix chairs can be safely used inside or outside and in events that blur these spaces together. Tolix stools have the added versatility benefit of being suitable for standing space venues around cocktail tables.

Wire mesh chairs are popular because they are both functional and stylish, and look good in both a garden or lawn setting, but can also compliment indoor event spaces well. They can create a relaxed feel and come in vibrant colours such as turquoise and gold, making them a fun addition to parties and celebratory events.

wire mesh chairs


Unique chairs that light up the night

Glow in the dark furniture is seeing growing popularity for parties, performances and themed night time events for their unique and distinctive look.

glow in the dark chairs

These chairs come in a range of shapes that can be used indoors and doors, for example glow in the dark benches and cube chairs. Often, they are modular and can be placed together to create customisable large peices of seating for groups.

As they come in a range of colours, they add a vibrant atmosphere by either coordinating colours to a single theme, or mixing and matching for a rainbow effect.

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