Planning an event and require speakers? There are a few considerations for hiring speakers at events including the audience size, room size, the environment (is it indoors our outside), the type of event, i.e. corporate function or celebration. All of these factors will affect the speaker hire that you choose. Here are our tips for how to decide…

How many speakers do you require?

This will depend on your audience size, the size of the room and how loud you require the audio to be. A simple PA system set up is suitable for general events of 50 guests or less in the same room. If your event spans multiple rooms, you’ll need to connect your speakers via bluetooth, wireless or cord if available. It’s best to hire speakers in pairs to ensure the sound is balanced, so the amount of speakers you require will generally be even numbers. At Party Hire Group, our 12 inch speaker pair is the most popular to be hired for general events.

event speaker hire

Where will the speakers be placed?

It’s recommended that speakers are elevated, as this is the best position to ensure uninterrupted sound quality. Sound travels through air travels in longitudinal waves. This means that the way sound wave moves forward, it compresses¬† in some places, and stretches out in others. Ever wondered why singers will comment on the ‘acoustics’ of an empty room? This is something to conceptually consider when you are doing the floor plan of your event and factoring in speakers. Speaker stands are a great way to elevate your speaker audio system, otherwise a stage or high table is also effective.

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How many inputs and outputs are required?

Depending on the number of speakers you intend of having, you’ll need to check the area for power outlets. All Party Hire Group equipment comes with all cables and required cords for your audio. If you require extension cords to reach power outlets, you should also factor this into your floor plan to ensure you have this covered for guests. Ideally you’d want to try and place the speakers as close to the power source as possible to minimise cords crossing the floor at your event. If cords crossing the room is unavoidable, for smaller events some thick gaffa tape should be suffice to cover this. Otherwise if you are having a bigger event, heavy duty plastic covers are a better option.

Is microphone hire required?

If there is going to be speeches or performances requiring sound, a microphone is recommended to hire. Microphones are also useful to have on hand if you need any ushering or MC coordination of your guests. We have microphone hire available with portable amp systems, otherwise if you already have this you can hire just the microphone as stand alone. Wireless microphones are a preferred option if the area is not cleared where you will be speaking from. If you have a dedicated stage or floor area, a corded microphone  is easy to use.

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Speaker hire packages

Our DIY sound pack is a popular choice for general events and party occasions. You’ll easily be able to play music from an iPod, phone or laptop and it includes a pair of speakers and all necessary cables.


We’re always happy to to customised speaker hire packages to your needs. Simply give us a call to discuss your requirements and we can arrange a quote.