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Hosting a Marquee Event

There’s no doubt that hosting an event can become costly, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or celebration of engagement. One of the most expensive considerations is the hiring of the actual venue – typically, this can be at a hotel, community centre, restaurant, or convention centre. However, it is possible to pull …

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How a PA System Works

PA system stands for ‘public address’ system that electronically can amplify sound louder than an ordinary person or instrument would be able to naturally. Whilst an amp is usually what receives a signal input, i.e. translates the sound from your instrument or microphone, a PA system generally speaking is the speaker that replays the sound. …

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Best tips for staging hire

Whether it’s a performance, festival, convention or conference, or any special event that requires staging, there are several considerations you should keep as top of mind when planning stage hire. For example, what size stage do you require? Will you need a raised platform separately or as part of the stage, if at all? How …

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