Chair Hire Sydney and Melbourne

If you’re looking to hire a chair for your event in Sydney or Melbourne, then you have come to the right place. Party Hire Group has over thirty different chairs available for hire for a range of functions. We stock everything from a basic plastic chair, right through to a range of wedding chairs like the tiffany chairs and white padded fold out seats, to conference chairs, corporate event chairs and kids chairs. We also hire a range of glow furniture and ottoman benches.

Choosing a chair is as simple as viewing the below prices and information. Once you have worked out which chair is best for your event, you can call or fill in an enquiry online and we will get back to you. We keep large quantities of stock available on hand and have the ability to service large events.

All our chairs come neatly presented. We offer a full delivery service across Sydney and Melbourne or you can collect from our warehouse. Please feel free to contact us should you require any assistance or would like to hire a chair for your upcoming event.

View our top selling tiffany chair hire  and chanel chair hire range.

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Glow Cube

The LED cube has a dimension of 40cm x 40cm x 40cm
The glow cube can be used as a seat or to hold an object
Interchangeable colours which can be changed with a remote control
Long lasting internal battery so you don’t see any cords


Black Tiffany Chair Hire
Gold Tiffany Chair Hire

Glow bench (also known as the snake bench)

The glow bench has a dimension of 40cm x 40cm x 120cm
Can be used as seated bench
Multiple benches can be placed to make semi circles, circles and snake like patterns
Interchangeable colours which can be changed with a remote control
Long lasting internal battery so you don’t see any cords

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Yellow Tolix chair

Our yellow tolix chairs are an eye catcher. These chairs stand out amongst the rest and are a great decorative piece. They are lightweight and easy to move. They offer good comfort and can be used for indoor and outdoor parties. 36cm wide, 37cm deep, 78cm high and the seat height is 44cm.

White Tolix chair

If your looking to add some light to your party then don’t look past the white tolix chairs. These beautiful chairs are elegant and practical at the same time. They can be used for a range of functions including weddings, corporate dinners, kitchen teas and engagement parties. 36cm wide, 37cm deep, 78cm high and the seat height is 44cm.

Blue Tolix chair

The blue tolix chair is a great chair which will be sure to add colour to your event.

Purple Tolix chair

The purple tolix chair is a great chair which will be sure to add colour to your event. The chair has a bright purple finish and is suitable for use with a range of tables. The chair is constructed from aluminum and has a glossy purple painted finish.

Red Tolix chair

The red tolix chairs are a great option if you’re looking for a unique design. These chairs are great if you are having a red theme or looking for a match with a corporate brand with red colours. They are available in large numbers and are sure to be a favourite at your event. 36cm wide, 37cm deep, 78cm high and the seat height is 44cm.

Black Tolix chair

our black tolix chairs are sophisticated and classy. They make a welcome addition to any event space. They can be used with standard trestle tables or banquet tables, or our café style tables. They are strong and sturdy and made from an aluminium frame with a black painted finish. 36cm wide, 37cm deep, 78cm high and the seat height is 44cm.

Lime Tolix chair

The lime tolix chair is a favourite for event planners. This beautiful colour is unique to the market. This chair goes well with a range of décor. The lime chair is limited in supply so be sure to get in early to secure this one. 36cm wide, 37cm deep, 78cm high and the seat height is 44cm.

Orange Tolix chair

The orange tolix chair is sure to impress. This bright orange chair is sure to brighten up any party space. The aluminum chair is strong and sturdy and comfortable at the same time.

Silver Tolix chair

Silver tolix chairs are a great chair for almost any event. They have a very contemporary appearance and look great in a range of event backgrounds. They are made from aliminum and are finished in a silver painted finish.

White Tolix stool

The white tolix stool is a favourite for events. This sleek white chair offers contemporary style and is great for cocktail parties and casual events. This stool goes great with a white top bar tables, and also sits well with our stainless steel bar tables. If you’re after an all white theme you can also look at our white lycra socks for our cocktail tables.

Silver Tolix stool

The silver tolix stool is a great option if you’re looking for modern styling at your party. This stool offers an industrial yet classy look for an event. Be sure to get in early to book our silver tolix stools as these are very popular.

Red Tolix stool

If you’re looking for something dramatic then the red tolix stool is ideal. The stool is bright red and is sure to be seen at your event. It also offers a comfortable seat and is great for cocktail parties. 76cm.

Purple Tolix stool

The purple tolix stool is one of our most popular stools at the moment. This chairs oozes colour and looks great in a range of event spaces. If you’re after something unique, the purple tolix stool is the way to go.

Orange Tolix stool

The orange tolix tool is a great choice if you’re after a stool that stands out and adds colour to your party. The stool is also ideal if you have an orange theme or a brand with an orange colour.

Lime Tolix stool

The lime tolix stool will be sure to add some style to your event. This cool stool is great to use with an antique theme and also goes well at summer parties. 76cm.

Black Tolix stool

If you’re after a simple but sophisticated bar stool then the black tolix stool is the way to go. This stool goes well in any location and looks great if you have bar tables with black lycra socks. 76cm.

A little bit more about our chair hire

White plastic stackable chairs- These are a durable plastic chair that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is our most popular chair, offering the best value for money. The chair is capable of holding up to 120kg’s, which is very strong for a plastic chair. There are no rails on the side, allowing larger people to still have a comfortable seat, and it also allows guests to easily get in and out of their chairs as they desire. These chairs are great for birthday parties, corporate events, and festivals.

Coloured plastic kids chair- Our kids plastic chairs are great for the little ones. Finally the kids can be comfortable in a chair that is at the right height for them. They can easily get in an out of the chairs without needing help from an adult. Our kids chair range comes in a range of bright colours. They are best suited for kids parties, or events where you need to seat alot of children.

Black folding padded chair- our black folding chair range is for those that want something a little bit more comfortable than a standard plastic chair. The seat folds out allowing for easy set up. The seat has a padded seat and back, allowing for total comfort. Whilst the black padded seat is not as strong as our white plastic chairs, it still offers good strength combined with great comfort. The seat can be used for indoor and outdoor parties in

White folding padded chair- this chair is one of our most popular, especially for weddings. This seat folds out easily and has a white padded seat and back. It looks very sleek and is for those that want a good strudy chair at an affordable price, that also offers a touch of class to your event. They are commonly hired for weddings, engagement parties and outdoor events.

Black bar stool- our bar stool range allows you to create a relaxed cocktail style atmostphere for your party. The bar stool is almost always combined with our bar cocktail tables. The stool and table encourage your guests to socialise in an informal environement. The bar stool is great for corporate events and proivate functions.

Ottoman cubes and benches: the ottoman cube and bench range are a funky addition to your trendy event. The cubes seat one person, and the benches can seat three of four. They can really transform a room and create a classy event space. They are great for corporate events and other funky parties.

Tiffany Chair Hire

White tiffany chair- The tiffany chair, also know as the Chivari chair, is the most elegant chair available for hire on the market. This chair is the most sought after for weddings and engagements in Sydney and Melbourne. The Chivari chair can transform a wedding setting, offering pure beauty and comfort. The clear tiffany chair hire for Sydney engagement parties and wedding receptions is increasing in popularity for those wanting a more modern look than the traditional white or gold tiffany chair hire. Talk to us about your event requirements as we can arrange tiffany chair hire Sydney wide.