Weddings can be stressful periods when you’ll be expected to make a number of decisions from location to your overall theme and choosing the right flowers for the event. Party Hire Group have put together the following guide to helping you choose the right chair hire for your big day.

Ultimately, the key is to choose a style of chair that will compliment the theme and overall style of your wedding. Your chair should match the overall tone of the event – matching casual with casual, or formal with formal. In addition, your chairs need to consider the functional aspects of your event, such as suitable chairs for indoor vs outdoor weddings, or chairs suited to a dining reception.

Tiffany chairs

These are popular and elegant chairs with high backs that suit many types of wedding themes as they come in a range of colours. They are also lightweight and stackable, making them easy to set up and store when you are hosting an event for a large number of guests.


Plastic chairs

Cost effective, durable and lightweight, plastic chairs are great for casual, outdoor weddings where they won’t look out of place on grass or sand for a beach wedding. Plastic chairs have high backs which can easily be dressed up with ribbons to a touch of sophistication and style and tie your chair into your wedding’s theme.


Space and storage considerations

Folding chairs are a great space saving solution

Is your wedding taking place in a smaller space with access issues? Folding chairs which fold flat are a great option that saves space in storage for easy transport – making them a great option for supplying a large number of chairs for events with many guests.


Chairs for dinner receptions

There are many options for chair hire suitable for a sit down dinner reception. Chanel chairs are one popular option for dining and suit more formal weddings as they have ornate backs and styles. Party Hire Group can supply Chanel chairs in a range of colours, including gold.

Chanel chairs for wedding dinner receptions. Another popular chair type for weddings include the contemporary style Tolix chairs which come in bright colours and are very sturdy as they are made of metal.

Chanel chairs


Speak to Party Hire Group for your wedding chair needs

From selecting the right wedding chair to delivering them to your event location, Party Hire Group are your trusted partners for everything wedding and event hire. Call us today on 1300-33-99-81 or view our full chair hire range here.

In addition to chair hire, we can help you with the full range of event hire equipment from table hire, audio equipment, stage hire and more. We deliver across the greater Sydney region and provide assistance from set up to removal of chairs and equipment after your wedding or event.


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