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Smoke Machine Hire and Effects Machines

We stock a cool range of smoke machines and effects machines for rental to help you create a unique atmosphere at your event.

Smoke machines, also known as fog machines, create a misty, foggy haze. This is ideal if you are using lighting such as disco effects because it highlights all the light beams and accentuates existing lighting systems. It is also great for theatrical purposes, such as introducing presenters, products or presenting awards. Our smoke machines come with a full tank of fluid when rented, which will last over eight hours of continuous use.

The smoke machine models we supply are very easy to use and are designed for non-professionals. Each smoke effects machine comes with a remote control with a simple red/green system. Simply push a button to release the smoke. Our staff can also provide assistance and support if required on using the smoke machine to its fullest potential, including advice on placement to create the best effects for your party.

We also hire out bubble machines. They shoot out bubbles in the air and are a favourite at kids parties and weddings. Both out smoke machines and bubble machines are controlled by a corded remote, allowing you to let off fog or bubbles as you please.


Smoke Machine

Operated by a control switch, so you can control the output of the smoke/fog. The smoke machine is great with lighting as it highlights the beams of light. Includes smoke/fog fluid.


Bubble Machine

Remote control operated. This allows you to set the frequency and the duration of the bubble expulsion. The machine has an output of over 300 bubbles per minute. Includes bubble fluid.


Dry Ice Machine

Dry ice machine with trolley, minimum 10kg of ice and operator, suitable for approximately 3-5 minutes duration.