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Event Hire & Event Management

Looking for a company to help with your event management? Party Hire Group are the specialists when it comes to planning your event. We have been in the events industry for over a decade and have helped thousands of clients plan and prepare successful events. We have planned and help manage events for some large brands, festivals and intuitions, including:

The advantage we have over other planners is that we own and maintain our own equipment. Most event management companies just offer their organisational skills and they work with other suppliers to bring together an event, whilst we offer a complete service from planning to activation, using all our own equipment.

We have an extensive range of event hire equipment, from chairs and tables to marquees and structures, flooring, staging, sound, lighting, as well as food and beverage equipment. This gives us the distinct advantage of being able to have complete control over an event rather than having to work around external sub contractors and relying on them to have good equipment and be on time. This ensures that we can better manage an event, and be certain that it runs more smoothly.

The other major benefit of owning the equipment is that we can package it up and deliver a more competitive price than other event management companies that have to pay multiple delivery fees and higher prices from external suppliers. We also don't charge mark up's on products, so you can be satisfied knowing that you are getting the best possible price for your event.

Give us a call today and tell us what you are looking for from your event and we will be happy to help you prepare a successful activation. One of our friendly team members is available to come out and work with you step by step.

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