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Choosing the Right Audio Equipment Hire for your Sydney Event Needs

An event without a good sound system is not a successful event. An event may have amazing decorations, themes, furniture hire and lighting but if your guests can't hear the music or hear your special announcement then your audience may tune out or the message can be lost. Here, at Party Hire Group we will help you choose the right audio hire for your upcoming event in Sydney. We have all the perfect audio hire in Sydney to create an unforgettable event for you and your guests.

Identifying your event needs

Firstly, you need to understand the overall scope of your event and what exactly you require to make your Sydney event successful. You have to ask yourself what type of event you are hosting, how many people are attending, and what kind of sound system you need. For example, if you're hosting a conference, you may require a speaker with a microphone hire whilst a festival may require a more elaborate sound system.

Below are some question you need to ask yourself:

  1. What type of event are you holding?
  2. Is the event indoor or outdoors?
  3. How many people are attending?
  4. Do you have any announcements, presenters, singers or performers?
  5. Consider your budget
Audio equipment hire Sydney

Speaker Hire

With any event that requires music playing, speeches, announcements, singers and performers, you definitely need a speaker hire. At Party Hire Group, we have a Speaker Hire and can be hired as a standalone, if you already have all the necessary equipment such a microphone. Speaker Hire in Sydney, our speakers have a 500 watt output with inbuilt amplifiers and is a single 12 inch powered speaker, they are suitable for weddings, meetings, corporate events and birthday parties.

A single speaker hire is perfect for small events like backyard events, small conferences, presentations and more. Our Speaker Hire in Sydney is ideal for up to 50-70 guests and if you have guests with over 70 people, it is best to hire additional speakers. At Party Hire Group, we also offer accessories such as speaker stand hire, if you require one.

Microphone Hire

You definitely need a microphone hire if you are making speeches, announcements or have singers and performers planned for your event. We have both wired and wireless microphone hire for you to choose from. There are both pros and cons when hiring wired or wireless microphone hires, and it all comes down to preferences. However, you can find out more about our microphone hire with our blog ‘Wired or Wireless? Navigating Microphone Options for your event'.

Both of our microphone hire are reliable and of high-quality but if you prefer to have more freedom and less hassle of cable management, you can go with our Wireless microphone hire. However, if you think the wireless option may be too complex for you, you can opt for our Wired microphone hire.

Microphone being hired for an event

PA System Hire

With any event that requires a speaker hire or a microphone hire, we highly recommend looking through our PA System Hire packages. We have several deal packages that are sure to suit your event needs and it is more cost-effective than individually hiring out a speaker or microphone.

If you prefer a corded microphone, we have our PA System with a corded microphone and speaker stands. It is suitable for all types of events with up to 100 guests attending. However, if you like the hassle free and freedom of a wireless microphone, we have our PA System with wireless microphone and speaker stands. This package comes with 2 speaker hire, a wireless microphone, receiver and speaker stands.

Audio equipment for an event