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Wired or Wireless? Navigating Microphone Options for your Event in Sydney

You're looking through our website and you don't know which microphone to choose for your event in Sydney? At Party Hire Group, we offer both wired microphone hire and wireless microphone hire. We are here to give you some tips and information to help you decide which microphone hire best suits your event needs. Our microphone hire in Sydney are of high-quality and you are sure to announce your speeches nice and clear.

There are many different pros and cons for both wired and wireless microphone hire. To really understand which microphone hire you really need, we need to know a bit more about your event. Here, are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you have an announcer, MC, performer who requires a microphone?
  2. Do you or they like to move around a lot?
  3. Do you have easy access to any powerpoints?
  4. Do you require a microphone for a long or short duration of time?
  5. Are you comfortable using multiple technology components?

These are some of the questions you need to be asking yourself for your event to really understand whether you need a wired or wireless microphone hire.

Microphone hire Sydney

Sound Quality

Both of our Wired and Wireless microphone hires have great sound quality and the only difference would be the connection of the two microphone hires. We would say our Wireless microphone hire has the better quality but a lot of other places may say corded microphones have higher quality.

A wired microphone hire will have a direct and clear signal path which converts into better sound quality. However, if it is not connected correctly or the wire is all tangled up, this will also affect the sound quality. As for wireless microphone hire, due to it connecting to a receiver, wireless microphones may suffer from brief dropouts of sounds and static interferences.


With either of our microphone hires, you will not have any struggles and it is all through the connection of the microphone that really sets which microphone hire is more reliable. A wired microphone hire could be more reliable than a wireless microphone hire. This is due to wireless microphones may have frequency issues and they run on batteries. Our Wireless microphone hire can give you up to 8 hours of use and it is relatively easy to set up as it has auto frequency scan with transmitter setup.

Our wired microphone hire in Sydney works through a single corded signal track that only requires a push into an amp or speaker for it to work. As there is a direct signal path, there wouldn't be any issues regarding the sound quality and no issues of it dropping it out, unlike a wireless microphone hire.

A microphone being hired for an event


Both microphone hire are great for any type of event where announcements are being made, speeches, singers and more. Our wireless microphone hire could be your go to. Unlike a corded microphone, a wireless microphone allows you more freedom to talk while moving about on stage. Our wireless microphone hire can work anywhere from 10 - 20 meters from the receiver. You can use both of our microphone hire for any indoor or outdoor events.

If you're worried about the wireless system being too complex, you can opt for the wired microphone hire. With wired microphone hire in Sydney, you would not have to worry about the frequency set up or the battery life. When there's any issue with a wired mic, troubleshooting is pretty straightforward as there are minimal issues. Issues can be addressed by plugging the cable back off and in or with a different XLR cable.

Our Microphone Hire is not only available as a stand alone product but also comes in packages with speakers and speaker stands. So whatever event you are planning, you can choose the best package that suits your event needs. If your event is outdoors or you don't require a microphone for too long, our battery-powered wireless speaker hire is available for hire. We also offer microphone stand hire if you like to fixate the microphone hire in one position.