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Sound Check Essentials: Making the Most of your Speaker Hire

Every event requires speakers or some sort of amplifier to play music, to announce a speech, hosting a presentation and more! So whether you're planning a wedding or hosting a presentation, if you have an announcer, performer or playing some tunes, you most definitely need a speaker.

Hiring a speaker in Sydney can be both an easy and difficult task. If you're a sound engineer or an expert with equipment, then yes hiring a speaker is an easy task. For those who have little to zero knowledge, don't fret at Party Hire Group, we created a checklist to assist you with all the information you may need when hiring a speaker for your event in Sydney.

Speaker hire Sydney

What Type of Event?

The number one question is what type of event you are hosting as this will determine the type of sound system you need at your Sydney event. Are you hosting a backyard party and plan to play music throughout the night with a guest of less than 100 people? If this is the case, then you would only require a minimum of one speaker hire. However, if you are planning an event such as a wedding or a presentation, you would require a PA System that includes a microphone and a speaker.

Are there going to be any dancers, singers, performers or speeches at your event? If there is, then you would require more than a basic speaker hire. At Party Hire Group, we offer a wide range of speaker hire and Pa System hire for your event in Sydney. Our PA System with wireless microphone & speaker stand hire is the ideal set up, especially if you are planning any dancers, singers, performers and speeches. This package includes two speaker hires, wireless microphone hire and speaker stand hire. Which is the perfect set up as this allows efficient amplification for any music and audible speeches. The wireless mic allows for more freedom when presenting your speeches or for your singers.

So defining what type of event you are planning is a critical question to answer as different events require different speaker hire and pa system set ups.

Speakers being hired for a conference

Type of Environment

Secondly, the type of environment of your event is another critical information to know when hiring speakers for your Sydney event. Whether the event takes place indoors or outdoors, it will affect the type of speaker and PA System you will need to hire. If your event is indoors in a home setting, one speaker should suffice. However, if it is at a function or a hall, at least 2 speaker hires should be efficient but this depends on the amount of guests invited to your event.

There's another important factor to consider with outdoor events. This is whether the environment of your event is quiet or noisy. Are you holding your event at a relatively quiet area or is it at a place where the ambience can get quite noisy or is it busy due to main roads and such? Ideally, for a successful event, you need the sound to be heard clearly regardless where someone is standing.

A speaker being hired for a Sydney event

Number of people/guests

The audience also contributes to noise and the sound distribution, and for events like weddings and any large number of guests, one speaker will not suffice as the noise of your guests can easily drown out the speaker hire. So understanding how many guests will be attending is another critical factor.

Our Battery Powered wireless speaker hire is perfect for events with less than 60 guests but if you have more than 100 guests attending your Sydney event. Then our PA System with corded microphone and speaker stand hire is the ideal speaker hire set up for guests up to 100 guests.

Delivery, pick-up and set up

At Party Hire Group, we offer both delivery and pick-up services for any speaker hire or PA System hire products. If pick-up of your hired items best suit you, our Sydney location is based in Auburn. However, if you do prefer delivery of your hired items, we also offer efficient and reliable delivery services to the destination of your event. Whether you choose pick-up or delivery of the products, our team of experts have great knowledge in all speaker hire and PA System hire so you don't need to worry about set up and how to use the products. Speaker Hire in Sydney, at Party Hire Group, we can cater to all your event needs, providing efficient and reliable service to create a successful event.