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Guide to Outdoor Chair Hire

Have an outdoor based event, wedding, performance of conference coming up?

You might be wondering what options are available to seat your guests and event attendees with many options for outdoor chair hire on the market.

Plastic outdoor chairs

These are a popular solution for their durability, low cost and ease of transportation. They are light and easily stackable so suitable for large events that need to cater to many attendees. As they are completely plastic, they will be waterproof so can withstand rain although care should be taken in very hot temperatures that the plastic does not melt and discolouration may occur.

plastic chairs hire outdoor chairs

Plastic outdoor chairs suit casual events and do not have padded seats, so comfort may be an issue if you believe your guests will be sitting for a long time.

However if your event requires slightly more style, it would not be difficult to add padded outdoor cushions for comfort, chair covers or coloured ribbons to match the theme of your event. Plastic outdoor chairs are a very flexible and versatile option for this reason.

Finally, plastic chairs have the great of advantage of being easy to clean if your event will take place in an area that is prone to attracting dirt, mud or sand (such as on a beach). In the event of damage which is more likely to occur in outdoor events, plastic chairs can also completely replaced more cost effectively than some other types of chairs.

Outdoor Glow Furniture

A unique and vibrant addition to night time outdoor functions and events, your guests will love the novelty factor of sitting in outdoor furniture that will glow in the dark. Glow seating including cubes and benches are powered by a rechargeable battery, which means you do not need access to a powerpoint and can easily be used outdoors. There are many options for settings different colours, so that you can match your outdoor setting or event’s outdoor theme.

Wire Chairs and Stools

Add colour and style to your outdoor event with wire chairs which are becoming increasingly popular.

These chairs are suitable for outdoor use and can be cleaned easily of dirt. Because of their wire mesh style, these chairs are not heavy for to carry or for guests to rearrange. Wire chairs have a contemporary, laid back feel and are great to pair with outdoor cushions for a relaxed and casual vibe around small side tables. Perfect for guests to kick back with a drink.

Another option is taller wire stools which can be used outside on bar and cocktail tables so that some guests can be comfortable whether standing or sitting.