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Guide to Portable Stage Hire

If your next event needs a raised platform for an announcement or performance, renting a mobile stage may be necessary. Here's what you need to know when considering hiring a stage platform.

Delivery and Access

Your stage will generally come delivered to your event and you will need to provide instructions on access and space available for set up to your supplier. Party Hire Group is a Sydney based stage hire specialist and we delivery to any event in the greater Sydney region. Note that delivery and installation charges will apply, so you should contact us directly for a specific quote.

At the end of your event, we'll arrange to dismantle and remove your stage.

Cost of Stage Hire

Stage hire pricing guide


Custom Requirements

No two events are identical and your needs may differ depending on size, style and stage features such as access requirements or lighting. It's best to talk to us directly so we can tailor any custom requirements.

Open vs Covered Stages

Will your event be outside and require protection in case of rain?

This is a particularly important consideration if you will have expensive equipment left on the stage that could be destroyed or damaged if the weather turns bad.

Contact Party Hire Group today for your stage hire needs.