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How to Change the Colour of Your PAR Can Lights

The par can light is a great option to create a colour wash or ambient lighting. The lights project a wash of colour, and are perfect to light up walls, entrance ways, draping, trees, stages, bridal tables, pillars and much more. They are LED powered and can be adjusted to make over 20 different colours. The par can light is an industry staple and have graced every stage and studio lighting rig since they were first introduced.

The par can light typically projects light approximately 3 metres high, and create a wash of approximately 1-2 metres wide. If you have a large space or long area to cover, its recommended to hire multiple par can lights to give the most impact. The par can lights can be set to a fixed colour or programmed change between colours.

If you think par can lights are suit to the event you are planning, Party Hire Group has a large selection of lighting hire.

How to Change Colours on BEAMZ Par Can Lights

Please plug light into power point.

To set light to specific colour press the menu button until you find “colo” on the screen press “enter”








If colours are not clear you will need to ensure the other colour combinations are set to 0 and not 255

How to Change the Colour of Your PAR Can Lights