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How to make Popcorn with our Popcorn Machine Hire

Popcorn is a crowd's favourite! Whether you're planning a fete event or a movie-themed party, you should consider hiring a popcorn machine to elevate your celebration today! Hiring a popcorn machine is a must have especially if you want to create a fun and engaging event space. The crowd's favourite movie snack will enhance the experience for your guests. At Party Hire Group, we created a guide on the steps of how to make popcorn with our Popcorn Machine Hire. Whether you're hiring a 50 serve popcorn machine or a 500 serve popcorn machine, here are the steps to operate our popcorn machine.

Step 1: Plug your hired popcorn machine into a powerpoint and turn on the power switch to start the heat tube and light.

Step 2: Turn on the kettle switch to preheat the kettle for 5-6mins

Step 3: Open the glass doors and grab the left hand lever, lifting it till it reaches the top and connects to a magnet.

Step 4: Pour in ¼ cup of oil into the bowl, then 1 cup of corn kernels.

Step 5: Seal the bowl by pulling the left hand lever down and close the doors. The kernels will begin popping and flowing out of the lid into the base below.

Step 6: Allow the corn kernels to stir until it is all burst open. Once the popping has settled, open the doors and release the bowl. So all the popcorn is emptied from the bowl.

Step 7: Repeat the steps above to make more popcorn.

Step 8: Shake the desirable amount of salt onto the popcorn and mix around.

Step 9: When you have finished making popcorn, turn off the popcorn machine kettle switch.

Step 10: Begin bagging up your popcorn and start serving your guests with some fresh popcorn!

Popcorn with our Popcorn Machine Hire