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How to operate our Bain Marie Hire

Bain Marie hire in Sydney are great for any type of events that involve food catering. If you're planning a corporate event, school function, food stalls or house parties with dishes. Hiring a bain marie in Sydney is the practical solution to keep your food dishes warm for a long period of time. Here's how to operate our Bain Marie Hire.

Our Bain maries have two different uses: for Dry use and for Wet use. Dry use is intended to keep the food warm using dry heat instead of hot water, keeping food such as bread or pastries warm. Wet use keeps your food warm using hot water, ideal for keeping food warm and moist such as soups.

For Dry Use

Bain Marie with hot food in

For Wet Use

Note: Do not fill where it touches under the pans

A Bain Marie being hired for a function


If the Bain marie does not heat up, check the following: