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How to Use Hot Water Urn Hire

Our Hot water urn hire is the perfect practical solution for any event that involves catering such as weddings, business functions, school events, parties and more. It is the ideal addition to have a hot cup of tea, coffee and hot water for your upcoming Sydney event. If you are hiring our Hot water Urn in Sydney, here's how to operate our hot water urn hire.

Step 1: Place the hot water urn on an even level surface within the reach of a power outlet. You should position the urn tap where it has easy access.

Step 2: Fill the Hot water urn hire with water to your desired level. Place the urn lid and rotate it to lock into place.

Note: do not lift or carry the urn to fill it with water. You should not exceed the “MAX” water level marked inside the urn

Step 3: Plug the hot water urn in Sydney into a power outlet and turn the power ON. The red “HEATING” light will signal the power is on and is heating.

The Birko urn on-off switch

Step 4: Set your desired water temperature on the control knob.

The Birko urn temperature control knob

Note: when the water in the urn has reached the set temperature, the red “HEATING” light will turn off and the green “READY” light will turn on. The water urn will cycle on and off to keep water close to the selected temperature.

Step 5: Done! Open the tap to fill your cup with hot water and enjoy your nice cup of hot coffee, hot tea or water!!

Other instructions to know about:

A Birko hot water urn hired for an event