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Incorporating Glow Furniture into your event

Party Hire Group has been lighting up events with glow furniture for over a decade.

Each event is different, and each client's vision is unique, we have been able to help curate multiple setups and bring visions to life.

We often get asked how to best incorporate our glow furniture into events, so we have a compiled a few ideas that can help you when you are planning your event, whether you are looking to have a neon party or just add a few accent lightings, so take a look below and see all creative ways as to how you can use our LED Glow Furniture and Decor to create event magic!

Incorporating Glow Furniture into your event

Glow Lounge Furniture

Most social and corporate events that we have helped planned include some sort of casual lounge seating area. Whether it is to create an upscale and inviting seated area for a cocktail reception, or to create a VIP area that really stands out,

You can use glow furniture to create a glowing lounge area or use a few pieces to provide some lighting and combine with more traditional lounge furniture. Either way, the result will wow your guests

Our Glow Benches, Cubes and other singular seating, Coffee Tables and Glow Lounge with will work great for this concept.

Glow Bars

What is a party without beverages? Our glow bars are the perfect addition to any event whether it's a corporate function, gala dinner, wedding or just at home party.

Most venues are not properly equipped to have a full-service bar area, especially in those spaces where your party is held outdoors or when you want to create multiple bars for your guests to access in the same room.

Our glow bars can be set up anywhere quickly and efficiently and best of all they are cordless, our glow bars are modular which means they can be placed side by side to create different shaped bars as big or as small as you like accommodating 8-10 guests or as big as serving thousands of guests.

Glow bar cocktail tables and glow stools are also available to hire to create a cocktail area for your guests to gather on arrival or at intermissions and enjoy their beverages.


Glow Dining Furniture

A subtle way to incorporate glow furniture into your event is hiring our glow banquet tables which can seat 8-10 people. These tables are great for gala dinners, awards nights, charity fundraising dinners and weddings.

Our Glow Banquet Table has a large glow cube base which lights up and a tempered glass square or round top. These glow banquet tables are simple yet elegant, and a great way to lift the whole room.


Glow Letters & Numbers

Personalisation at events is huge. You want your guests to remember your event and the purpose whether its for your wedding, birthday party, brand launch party or business function. Our Glow Letters and Numbers are a great way to get the message across.

Use glow letters to spell out your names or initials for your wedding or birthday, or to spell out your business name for your corporate function, Numbers can be used for the age your turning and are typically popular for milestone birthdays such as 21st, 30th & 50ths celebrations

Glow Décor: Centrepieces & Plinths

If you want to incorporate glow when planning for an event, but don't have a space to create a casual lounge or cocktail area. Our glow spheres can create great centrepieces on banquet tables and also an inexpensive alternative to other costly centrepieces, the glow spheres are simple, modern yet classy option and add depth in a room.

Glow Pillars and plinth are another option which will create a statement for your event, they are versatile and can be used in many ways such as pillars on either side of an entrance way or multiple plinths and pillars lined up along a walkway. First impressions count, so imagine seeing this as you arrive to your event. They can also be used as a backdrop option behind long tables such as the bridal table at weddings, creating soft ambient light.

So, these are a just a few ways we have helped clients incorporate glow furniture into their event, so if you are considering hiring glow furniture for your event in 2023, you can be rest assured that Party Hire Group has the largest range in Sydney.