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Tips for Decorating & Lighting your Marquee

Choosing to host an outdoor event often involves considering a marquee. At Party Hire Group, we provide a variety of marquees that serve as a blank canvas for your creative event ideas. This post offers valuable tips on decorating and lighting your marquee, enhancing your outdoor celebration.

Creating Ambience with Lighting

Lighting is a pivotal element in setting the mood for any event, indoor or outdoor. For your marquee, consider options like fairy lights, festoon lights, light-up lanterns, and balloon lights. At Party Hire Group, we offer a diverse range of lighting options, including Par Can lights and flood lights, to add a glow to your setup.

For example, our relaxing festoon lights can create a warm, inviting atmosphere, ideal for evening events or weddings. You can arrange these lights in various patterns, like zig-zag or sun ray, and use Par can lights to highlight specific areas, complementing your event’s theme.

A large marquee with Festoon lighting creating a beautiful atmosphere

Playing with Colors

Enhance your event's theme with colored lighting. LED lights, such as our Par cans, offer a wide spectrum of colors. Choose soft hues for a romantic atmosphere or vibrant tones for an energetic celebration.

Incorporating Natural Elements

Integrate elements like flowers, wooden accents, and greenery to bring a touch of nature into your marquee. Use potted plants or floral arrangements as centerpieces to complement your event's theme.

A marquee with natural plans inside of it to lift the mood

Consider Practicality

While aesthetics are crucial, it's also important to ensure practicality in your lighting and decorating choices. Create a memorable entrance and focal points within the marquee. Ensure adequate lighting in dining areas, walkways, and service areas for a smooth event experience.

Transforming Your Marquee

With thoughtful lighting and decor, transform your marquee into an enchanting and stylish space. Whether planning a wedding, corporate event, or festive celebration, the right decor can elevate the entire experience.

A marquee set up and ready for an event