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Hiring special effect and smoke machines for events

Looking for a wow factor for your next event? Special effect machines including smoke machines, fog and bubble generators are an awesome addition! Whether you’re hosting a particular theme that it would be suited, or you’re simply looking for a novelty fun factor – special effect machines are always a hit.

Here’s our guide of what to expect when hiring a smoke machine, bubble machine or fog machine for events.

1. Smoke Machine Hire

Smoke machines are making a comeback from the 80’s and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of dance floor nostalgia with smokey fog clouding around. At Party Hire Group, our smoke machines are often hired for parties or themed events, such as Halloween, murder mystery nights, escape rooms etc. You don’t have to be a professional to use a smoke machine (or enjoy one!), and the ones we have available at Party Hire Group all come with a remote control for ease of use.

The best placement for your smoke machine is lower to the ground, as you don’t want the fog to be hitting people directly and it will thin out as it rises. It’s also important to remember not to put the smoke machine near any equipment, as when the fog evaporates there can be a slightly wet residue. You should also consider the size of the room. If you want a dense, misty effect, smaller areas are better so the fog can collect. If you have a lot of people, it’s recommended to put the smoke machine somewhere that is not in the way of people walking, and being mindful that there is enough visibility for people to move around safely.

When hiring a smoke machine, laser and colourful lights look fantastic. It adds a dramatic effect to the fog, especially in the patches that are most dense and with less visibility. You can view our lighting hire available here.

Smoke machine hire for special events

2. Bubble Machine Hire

Put the wand and dishwashing detergent away and save your breath by hiring a bubble machine! Bubble machines are one of our most popular special effect machine hires at Party Hire Group and they never disappoint. Whether it’s a Frozen themed birthday party, a festival for adults, pop-up store or any special occasion, bubble machines are a sure way for your guests to have fun. There’s something magical about bubbles floating around a party or event, and it’s incredible to see the inner child come out in everyone as they watch bubbles floating across the room.

All of Party Hire Group’s bubble machines come with a remote control that allow you to control set the frequency and duration of the bubbles.

Similar to the smoke machine, you should consider where the bubble machine is placed to ensure that when the bubbles burst, they’re not causing any floor area to be slippery and a hazard. If children are around, you’ll need to ensure that are supervised and it’s recommend you place the bubble machine out of reach of young children.

If you are hiring a bubble machine for a children’s party, a fun games idea is to play how many can each person pop. It’s recommended though you do this by using a timer and taking turns as everyone counts. Otherwise it will be mayhem to have the whole party trying to pop all the bubbles at once!

3. Dry Ice Machine Hire

Want want keep your foggy effect on the down low? Dry ice machines are similar to smoke machines except the fog created doesn’t rise and has a cool dramatic effect staying low to the ground! The dry ice mixing with the hot water creates a thick cloud like effect which because it is so much cooler, allows it to stay at floor level before it evaporates. The dry ice machine is a popular hire for weddings and used by couples during their first dance. Combining the dry ice clouds with for example coloured lights looks fantastic and is certainly a wow factor to spectate!