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A dance floor can make your event

When it comes to dance floor hire, we are the specialists. We frequently set up dance floors each week for a range of parties and weddings. Our most popular choice is the black and white dance floor. This floor gives a checked, chess board style look when done. This floor also looks great when lights hit it as they reflect off the floor.

A dance floor can be set up both indoors and outdoors. It is highly recommended that it is set up on a firm surface, so a tiled or concrete floor, or floorboards or a paved area. It can be placed on grass, but the surface does need to be level and the lawn mowed short to reduce a soft spongy effect on the dance floor.

A dance floor will help protect your flooring surface, as well as create a great party atmosphere and encourage your party guests to get involved and dance at your function. They can be set to any size depending on what you need and what space you have available.