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A Shortcut Guide to Audio Hire

Audio Hire is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, hire packages for events. Whether you're planning a corporate conference, awards ceremony, religious celebration, wedding, funeral, or party, most events require some audio equipment which is usually sourced through a third party hire company.

A Shortcut Guide to Audio Hire

When referring to audio hire for events, it's generally in reference to the speaker and PA system that's used for playing music and making speeches. Whether you're planning a big party, a small gathering, or a corporate function, most events will require some form of audio equipment hire. Depending on the type of event, your audio hire requirements will vary. The number of people is the most common reference point for determining this, however, considerations like room size, acoustics, and occasion are also worth noting.

We've made a list of the top things to consider when planning audio hire, for any event type.

A Shortcut Guide to Audio Hire

Audio hire equipment

Audio hire equipment can range from simple PA systems featuring a microphone and a speaker, to ta fully decked-out audio system set-up including microphone, amplifiers, and surround sound system speakers.

At Party Hire Group our audio hire includes microphone – corded and wireless, and microphone stands, as well as speakers – powered and battery-powered, and speaker stands.

Party Hire Group has been servicing the greater Sydney region for events audio hire for over 15 years. Whatever your audio hire needs are, our friendly team of experts is happy to assist and help you create the perfect audio hire package for your special occasion. Get in touch here.

A Shortcut Guide to Audio Hire

Speaker hire

Speakers are most often hired in pairs to balance the sound quality. At Party Hire Group, we have speaker audio hire to cater to every event need. All of our speaker hire comes with an AUX cord so you can plug in your phone, iPad, or laptop to play music from. The portable speaker has Bluetooth so you can use it completely wire-free.

Powered speakers are our most popular speaker hire option at Party Hire Group. Its built-in bass and top-end tweeter make the sound and lyrics of any song especially, crystal clear to the ear. Perfect for music at parties!

It's recommended to place your speakers in an elevated position in your room. This helps the sound to project evenly so that the audio is clear. Whether your speaker is being used to play music or hear speeches and announcements, ensuring that your audio is the best possible position for sound quality makes a big difference to your event's ambience.

A Shortcut Guide to Audio Hire

If you don't have an elevated position for your speakers, speaker stands are a good option. Speaker stands are an ideal, convenient choices, that are an easy and affordable option to add to your audio hire package. Most customers at Party Hire Group prefer to opt for audio hire packages that have everything included so that all they need to do is set up and pack down, and not worry about the small details of needing other bits and pieces.

Microphone hire

Microphone hire is also part of most audio hire packages. Even if your event isn't planning to have formal speeches, having a microphone handy can be useful if at any point during your event you want to get the attention of all of your guests or a room of people.

At Party Hire Group, we have both cord and wireless microphones available for hire. Wireless microphones work up to 10 to 20 metres range away from its receiver and produces excellent sound quality. Wireless microphones also come with a battery powered speaker, so the entire audio PA system is mobile.

A Shortcut Guide to Audio Hire

Corded microphones have cords up to 2 metres long and are a suitable option if you need the microphone for long periods of time without charging access. The cord plugs directly into the back of your speaker, which the sound projects from! Check out our guide for microphone hire for a more detailed comparison of microphone options.

Audio hire can be more straight forward than you think. Most audio hire packages are all-inclusive, which means the only thing you need to plan for is finding a supplier that's good value and has good quality equipment.

Party Hire Group has been providing audio hire solutions for over 15 years. Our team of experts are always happy to help plan your event hire needs to ensure your special occasion is a great success! Check out our website for more details and to get in touch.