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Choosing the best lights for your party

Lighting hire can be a great way to bring colour and ambience to your party. Any dull room can be transformed into a beautiful event space with some clever lighting effects. There are various different types of lighting you can choose from, but it all depends on what effect you are trying to achieve, and the budget you have set aside.

If you're looking to create a party and disco-style atmosphere, then moving lights are the way to go. The most common and cost-effective option is the intelligent light. This light shoots out a mix of different coloured light beams and patterns. They detect vibration, so they will move with the beat of any music playing in the room, which makes for a great coordinated light show. They have a large spread so a few lights can cover a decent sized room.

Choosing the best lights for your partyAnother common moving light is a laser. These come in a range of colours, so you can have red, green, blue, or you can go for a tricolour laser which does all those colours plus purple and yellow. This light shoots out bright laser beams, which are very strong in colour. They also do different patterns and effects. A smoke machine is highly recommended for this lighting so you can catch all the laser beams running through the air.

If you are after novelty lighting, then UV lighting or strobe lights are a great way to create some fun at your event. A UV light, commonly known as a black light, helps a room to glow. Anything white or bright colours instantly transforms to glow really bright, making it a fun light, especially for children.

The strobe light offers another cool effect. This light comprises of a white light that flashes at a fast speed. This speed can be adjusted. It gives the effect that people are moving in slow motion. The light goes on and off so as people move when the light comes back on they are in a slightly different position, giving the impression that they are moving in slow motion.

If you want to create some mood lighting, then par cans or led strips are the way to go. These can be set to one colour, or made to slowly fade or flash between a sequence of colours. They can help light up a room, and are great for lighting walls, beams, staircases and much more.

Overall, there are many different types of light to choose from. Choosing a light will depend on what type of mood and atmosphere you are trying to create. If you require some expert advice for your event, you can call or email for advice.