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Corporate Event Hire

Planning a corporate event? Whether it’s a cocktail function, a formal sit-down meal, or a networking conference, here are the key event hire resources you should consider.

Lectern and audio hire

If you need to speak to the room, a lectern is the easiest way to give the audience a point of focus. Audio including microphone and speakers will also be necessary if you are trying to talk above a decent sized crowd.

TV and projector hire

If you have a presentation or slides to share, a TV or screen and projector will be necessary.

Cocktail table hire

Cocktail tables are commonly used for corporate event hire. The lycra sock gives a professional and sleek look, with various colours that can match your chosen theme.

Stage hire

Stages are hired in all type of corporate events, whether it’s an awards ceremony, presentation or conference, seminar, media event or other, stage hire creates a professional look to your event and provides focal point for your audience.


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