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Heaters for the colder months, tips to getting prepared for winter events

Keeping your guests warm at an event is often forgotten by most people when organising a function. Its is often overlooked because there are so many other important components that are given preference to when the party planning is in process. However, a party where guests are left cold can often put a dampener on the mood and force people to leave prematurely. Keeping your guests comfortable at an event is a crucial element, and is just as important as food, beverages, shelter and entertainment.

For functions taking place that don't already have heaters or air conditioning, you should look at the various heating options available. There are a range of gas heaters, as well as electric heaters for indoor venues. If your guests will be exposed to cold temperatures, it's a good idea to plan how you will keep them warm, and heaters are often the cheapest and most effective solution.

Heaters for the colder months, tips to getting prepared for winter events

The mushroom heater is a common heater that is requested for hire here at Party Hire Group. This heater stands at approximately 2.2m tall and has a stem with a mushroom shaped lid, hence where it gets its name from. The heating module warms and hot air that rises is propelled down by the mushroom lid, spreading warmth around a radius of 3m around the heater. The mushroom heater uses LPG gas in a cylinder that goes in the base of the heater, and is for outdoor use only. They will give 8 hours of heating, which is usually more than enough for your average function.

The area heater is also a popular outdoor heater. It works on a similar concept to the mushroom heater, except it is mush shorter and has a larger heating element. It is better suited for areas with low clearance. It projects warmth around a radius of 3m, and the heat is more directed around the body as opposed to the mushroom heater which directs heat from the head down.

For those organising indoor events, gas heaters are not very safe. They require air and ventilation so there isn't a build up of gas. Electric radiant heaters are better suited for internal use. They require a standard power point. They give off a good level of heat, and can be placed around a room's perimeter to warm a room.

Overall, heaters are the way to go to keep your party guests warm this winter. If you require any assistance with choosing a heater, please feel free to contact us.