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Hosting a Marquee Event

There's no doubt that hosting an event can become costly, whether it's a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or celebration of engagement. One of the most expensive considerations is the hiring of the actual venue – typically, this can be at a hotel, community centre, restaurant, or convention centre. However, it is possible to pull off an unforgettable event without the high cost that comes attached to these traditional venues, and a viable alternative comes in the form of marquee event hire.

Hosting a Marquee Event

Given that we're so lucky to have such vast amounts of wide open space here in Australia, there's no better reason to take full advantage of the benefits that come with hiring a marquee.

As party experts, Party Hire Group are big fans of marquees for a range of reasons. Below are our top 5 benefits of choosing marquee event hire for your next big celebration.


Town halls, hotels, restaurants, and destination locations such as wineries are known to charge a premium per head for events, meaning the bill can add up very quickly. On the other hand, opting for a marquee means you forgo these ‘packaged' costs, making it a much cheaper alternative.

Hosting a Marquee Event

More Control

Another common ‘packaged cost' that comes with hiring out established venues is the provision of catering, alcohol, and furniture. While it may demand a little more work and coordination on your end to arrange catering logistics with third party suppliers, hiring a marquee allows you to better tailor these other components to the needs of both your guests and budget. 

Hosting a Marquee Event

Creative License

Against a plain backdrop of the marquee, you're granted unlimited creative possibilities and versatility. Where the decor of a hotel or restaurant is already a given, a marquee allows you full reigns to decorate as you wish – from the ceiling to the walls, seating, and decorations.

At Party Hire Group, we have an extensive selection of event hire products that will kit you out for your next marquee event, no matter the theme you're going for.

Hosting a Marquee Event
Marquee hire


Are the minimum guest numbers or set occupancy limits of established hire venues getting you down? Then a marquee may be a perfect option. They come in a range of sizes that can host guest lists in the hundreds – in which case, having the event on expansive grounds would be ideal. But you can also opt for an intimate affair, made possible with our smaller marquees.

Hosting a Marquee Event


An event hosted in a marquee allows you to make the rules on when the party stops. Unlike more traditional venues, which often involve strict time limits, hiring out a marquee for your event means you won't be beholden to any external pressure to wrap things up as 12pm. Your event can go for as long as you want or for as long as your guests are merry and willing to continue the celebrations into the night and early morning.

Hosting a Marquee Event

Looking to hire a marquee for your event? Look no further than the experts at Party Hire Group. Check out our marquee hire options or feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions and enquiries.