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How many glasses will I need for my event?

Here is a quick guide for how to calculate your glassware for your events.

Cocktail functions

Calculating the glassware for a cocktail function will depend on the length of your event. As a guide,

  • For the first hour – Allow 2 drinks per person
  • For the second hour onwards – Allow for 1 drink per person

For example, for a three-hour event with 100 guests, you can expect to serve approximately 400 drinks.

You will also need to consider whether your wait and kitchen staff will be able to wash glassware in between. Depending on the size of their dishwasher and how many staff you have, you may be able to get away with 1.5 glasses to each guest.

Table seated functions

Naturally, this will be easier to calculate as part of your table setting. Even after allocating one of each variety (depending on your wine and beverage selection), it’s still worth having a few spare glasses to be safe.

If you are having a bar at your event, you should allow a fresh glass for each guest at the bar. Consider your guest list and what their drinking preferences are. For example, if you have a 50/50 ratio of men and women, will they be consuming the same amount of drinks during the night or are the women most likely to be drinking wine than beer?

Again, depending on your event staff and their access to a dishwasher will affect the numbers you calculate for. You will also need to ensure that your staff are collecting used glassware during the night.

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