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How to choose an appropriate stage for your event

Stage hire can be a key component of a successful event. A stage is a great way to elevate something of importance at your party or event. Staging can be used for many different occasions, like concerts, festivals, presentations, Christmas carols, fashion shows, product showcasing, weddings and birthdays. Choosing the right stage for your event can be a difficult task.

The first thing to consider for your event is what is going on the stage. This will help you determine what size you need. For example, for a presentation where you might only have one or two presenters on the stage at a time with a lectern, a small stage of 2m x 2m might be sufficient. For an event such as a wedding, where you might use staging as a bridal table, you would allocate about 1m width per person with about 1.5m depth so there is room to push a chair back.

The activities that will be performed on the stage will also be a determining factor in which stage you hire. If there will be a band present, you would need to allocate space for this additional equipment. In the scenario of the wedding, you would need to accommodate for a table and chairs.

How to choose an appropriate stage for your event

Staging can be made from many different products. Permanent stages may be made from brick and concrete, whilst temporary stages are often made from timber or metal. We typically hire staging that has an aluminium frame with strong aluminium legs. This offers much more strength than timber and ensures the stage is strong and sturdy. A hard piece of plywood lines the stage and is finished with hard plastic to protect the stage and add further strength and durability. This matt black finishes also makes for a stunning appearance.

A stage can be finished with various materials. We often get requests to cover a stage in various colours. A stage can be covered in carpets, or a hard plastic acrylic can be used for a more sleek finish. Vinyl can also be used where you are after a unique finish.

The height of a stage is also an important factor. Depending on your requirements, stages can be set from as little as 30cm high, right up to over a metre. Once a stage gets over the 90cm mark you are required by law to have a safety railing. It's best to try and aim for under that height so you don't add extra cost.

Overall, a stage can be very versatile. You can pick what size, height and finish you require for your party, and we can build this to your needs. Check out our Staging Hire prices for more information.


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