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How to plan a party on a budget

Having run a party hire company for many years we know how hard it can be to plan a successful party and on a budget. It can be easy to get out of control when looking at party supplies, such as food, beverages, furniture, a function space, entertainment and decorations. Most people don't have the budget to spend on a party planner, but you don't have to worry because you can do it by yourself quite easily.

For food, you can set out a menu based on the type of event. For more formal events like engagements and weddings, you should look at providing a formal meal with entrée, main and a dessert. A caterer can do this for you, or if you have the time you can prepare the meals yourself. For dessert, you could look at fun things like Candy Bar Buffet machines or chocolate fountains, all of which we provide here at Party Hire Group. They are a fun and interactive dessert choice and will be sure to excite your guests. We set them up so there is little to no effort required at all.

For beverages, you can offer a range of drinks quite easily. You can find all you need for non-alcoholic beverages at your local super market, and likewise, beer wine and spirits are all easily accessible at a bottle shop and are cheap. This will save you the expense of getting a drinks caterer. If you want something more fancy and a little bit more fun, you could look at a slushie machine. They make ready to drink cocktails and slushies within an hour, and guests can help themselves. You can add alcohol to them if you want to make alcoholic cocktails and daiquiris.

In terms of furniture. its crucial that you have chairs and tables for your guests to sit and eat on. You should allow at least a chair for each guest. Depending on the function, you can hire a chair to suit your occasion. A simple plastic chair will usually suffice at most occasions. If it is a more important event, you can look at more elegant and classy chairs such as tiffany chairs, wedding chairs or tolix furniture.

Table hire is also important if you are providing food at your party. If you want to do a party on a budget, then you can see what tables you have lying around at home. If you don't have enough suitable tables, or want to keep your tables consistent, then the cheapest option is to hire a trestle table. Plastic trestles are easy to set up and one of the cheapest items you can hire for your party, and its cheaper and easier to hire a table rather than buy it for a one off event.

Overall, planning a party should be a fun experience. Careful planning will ensure you stick to your budget and have a great and memorable occasion. You can get party hire items from our range, or see what you have lying around home to reduce your costs. We provide a range of party hire equipment and deliver across Sydney should you need help with your event.

Get ready to glow this summer with our range of glow furniture. We have just got in more stock of illuminated furniture ready for the busy season ahead.

How to plan a party on a budget

If you haven't seen this type of furniture, it is still a relatively new concept to the events industry. It consists of different pieces of furniture made from a white durable plastic. LED lights are inbuilt in the furniture which allow it to light up in different colours. They are controlled by a remote, so you can set the colour you want, or make it fade between colours.

Glow furniture is wireless, so you can place it inside or outside, and there are no messy wires. A hidden battery pack inside the furniture allows it to stay illuminated for up to 8 hours. We have glow bars, glow cocktail tables, benches and ottoman cubes. They look great at night and are a nice way to decorate your event space.

You can view images and more information by clicking on the Glow Furniture page