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How to plan for wet weather on your wedding day

Whilst no-one imagines their special wedding day to be pouring with rain, unfortunately no matter how well everything else is organised, what the weather will be on the day is something simply out of your control. If you're planning an outdoor wedding, having a backup plan for wet weather should definitely be an important task on your to do list. It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom either, your day will still be just as beautiful. Here are our top tips to help you create your wet weather plan B.

Move the outside to be inside

It really can be that simple. Everything you had planned outside, the altar, chairs, decorations and arrangements, just re-create it indoors. The most integral part of course is to have an indoor venue that you can move to.

How to plan for wet weather on your wedding day

Host your ceremony and reception at the same place

If your reception is already indoors, this would be the easiest and most convenient option for your ceremony in case of wet weather. Most reception venues would be flexible and accommodating to offer this. There are also benefits to having your ceremony and reception in the same place. It means your guests don't have to consider transport between two locations, and that your day won't be broken up, but instead a relaxed and continuous event.

How to plan for wet weather on your wedding day

Have decor and styling ready for indoors

It's amazing what some simple decor and stylish touchings can do. If most of the styling you had planned was outdoor specific, make sure to have some aside in case you are moved indoors. Even the most plain and bare spaces can be brought to life with the right finishings.


Make sure to have a wet weather run sheet

If wet weather changes the order of the day, make sure you've created a separate run sheet for this. It can be easy to think that just because you have an alternative venue booked and an idea of what your plan B is, everything else will fall into place. In most cases, especially if the venue changes, wet weather will be a significant change to your original run sheet. Ensure that the people who need to be in the know are also informed of the change in plans, e.g. Your car driver, bridesmaids, celebrant and of course your guests if they're expected to arrive somewhere else.

How to plan for wet weather on your wedding day


Have a decision deadline

Your vendors and other suppliers will need to be communicated with if there is a change in plans. Set yourself a deadline for when you need to make a decision by, and find out from them when is the latest they need to know. Having a decision deadline in advance will also help alleviate any pressure about when to make the final call.


Consider event insurance

This may not be something you would have previously thought of, however if wet weather will significantly impact your finances, investing in event insurance may mean that you can recoup some of your costs.


Don't let a bit of rain spoil your day

And most of all, remember that this is still your day – to be enjoyed and shared. A bit of rain shouldn't get in the way of you having a good time.