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Microphone Hire 101

Hiring a microphone for your party or event is a very important consideration and one that is often overlooked! The right microphone and audio setup is integral in ensuring that your event runs smoothly and that no important speeches or announcements are missed. To help you make sure you're prepared for your special event, we've prepared a list of all of the important things you should know!

Will my event need a microphone?

A microphone can come in handy for any event involving speeches, presentations or important announcements this can include anything from a birthday party or wedding, to a conference or corporate dinner. As a guide, we recommend investing in a microphone for any event with around 20 guests or more. However, even for more intimate events if you are concerned that anyone presenting or giving a speech is soft-spoken, or if there is a lot of background noise like music, or side chatter, you may find a microphone comes in handy to cut through the crowd.

Microphone Hire 101

What is the best type of microphone to hire for events?

There are two types of microphone options – corded and wireless microphones. Corded microphones are cheaper to hire and are great if you have a designated area for speakers to present such as a stage or podium. With corded microphones, you don't have to worry about charging them, and whilst the range is shorter, there is typically less interference so the sound can be more reliable.

Microphone Hire 101

A wireless microphone gives you the freedom to move or walk around during presentations or speeches which can help to make them more interactive and relaxed. It also allows for speeches to be given in different locations and are great for outdoor functions as you don't have to worry about power sources. Wireless microphones from the Party Hire Group come with a receiver so they can connect directly to your speaker and the battery life lasts around 8-10 hours. Wireless microphones are a popular choice for birthday and wedding events.

If your event is outdoors, or you don't require the microphone for too long, at Party Hire Group we have battery-powered speakers and cordless microphones available for hire. This is an all in one portable system that comes pre-charged and with a battery life that can last up to 10 hours. You can also stream your music through bluetooth or the USB or AUX cord port making it an easy and popular choice for outdoor events or smaller functions.

Microphone Hire 101

Tips for using a microphone:

  1. When using the microphone, never stand directly in front of the speaker. Standing in front of the speaker will pick up feedback which can create loud screeching noises..
  2. If you are using multiple microphones, it is best to keep the microphones and guests using them at least 1.5m apart, as standing too close together can also cause feedback.
  3. For those using a wireless microphone at your event, be sure to remember to turn it off when it is not in use to avoid prematurely running out of battery.
  4. If you are hiring a microphone for an event with speakers or presenters who do not have experience using a microphone before, it is a good idea to practice with them beforehand. This will help them to get a feel for how close they should be speaking into the microphone, how loud they should be talking and how loud the volume should be so that everyone will be able to hear them.