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Outdoor weddings for same sex couples

If love knows no bounds, why try to confine the love to a single space on your wedding day? Since same sex couples are not bound to religious ceremonies, it makes sense that outdoor weddings are an increasingly popular choice, particularly in the spring and summer months.

Outdoor weddings for same sex couples

There is something undeniably beautiful about outdoor weddings, whether it's hearing waves crashing on the nearby beach, the sweet smell of garden blooms, or the feeling of the fresh mountain air on your face. But whilst these locations are stunning, a large amount of work goes into planning and executing the Bride and Bride, Groom and Groom or Bride and Groom's perfect day.


1. Setting up your space:

Marquees can be set up just about anywhere, whether it's on the beach, in your favourite park or in your own back yard. They can be formal or causal and come in all shapes and sizes to best fit your space. As a general guide, we suggest allowing 1.2sqm per guest for sit- down functions and 0.75sqm per guest for stand up events. This however doesn't include extra areas such as dance floors, bars or space for a band. You may also want to add floor surfaces to correct uneven ground.

Outdoor weddings for same sex couples

2. Consider the comfort of your guests

Even though the day is all about you and your partner, it is important to think about your guests. Ensure there is enough seating for guests – the Tiffany chair is a favourite and easy choice for outdoor settings as it is light weight and easy to transport. Think logically about parking and bathroom facilities as well as providing clear signs to direct guests, particularly if your venue is a large open space or property. It is also important to think about the time between the ceremony and reception. Lawn games and refreshments are a great way for guests to past time whilst you are getting the perfect snaps!Other nice touches include water and non-alcoholic drinks before and after the ceremony, particularly if it is a hot summers day. Sunscreen, bug spray and little fans are also a nice touch. In the cooler months, think about providing blankets and heaters to help keep guests cosy.


3. Decorating your space:

A marquee or outdoor area is a blank canvas and is the perfect opportunity to decorate in a way that suits your personality and style. Whether it's draped fabrics, fairy lights, or rustic hanging wooden frames, get creative and you'll be amazed how the space can transform.

Outdoor weddings for same sex couples

4. Have an indoor back up plan:

No matter what the weather forecast is, be sure to have an indoor back up plan. You can't control the elements, so always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Have a backup site that is close to your chosen venue to make it easy for guests to change arrangements if the weather goes bad. Opt for an emptier space so all of your hired furniture and decorations can easily fit into your new indoor option.

Outdoor weddings for same sex couples
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