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Tips for planning a winter wedding

Whilst most weddings are traditionally held during the warmer times of the year, that doesn't mean a winter wedding can't be just as beautiful. In fact, there are a few benefits to having your wedding during winter, some including,

When planning a winter wedding however, there are a few things that would be done slightly differently. Here are our top five tips to help you with the planning.

1. Outdoor heaters

Tips for planning a winter wedding

If you're still planning on having some of the event outdoors, you'll need to invest in some outdoor heaters. These aren't too expensive to hire, and are actually a great way to have a meeting point for your guests to gather around and mingle. Even in winter, being outside on a clear day is beautiful and an outdoor heater will ensure your guests are still comfortable to enjoy the fresh air.

2. Remember, it gets dark much earlier

Tips for planning a winter wedding

If you're thinking of having a 3pm ceremony, just consider that it will be dark by around 5pm which is usually when the bridal party and family would be having their photos. If you wanted photos in day light it would be best to start earlier than you would normally during other times of the year.

3. Prepare for the worst weather – Have a backup plan

Even during the summer season it is advisable to have a plan B if the weather doesn't go your way. This is not only for the reception and ceremony, but also if you were hoping to have outdoor photographs, is there somewhere else under cover that you can take photos if it's pouring rain? Don't be disheartened at the prospect of poor weather either. Guaranteed when everything else has come together, even with a few stylish umbrellas it will all look terrific.

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4. Style your winter wedding in theme with the season

Tips for planning a winter wedding

The most popular colour schemes to go for are the deep, rich, bolder colours such as burgundy, purple and dark natural greens. This adds a classic and romantic feel to your event. If you prefer sparkles and glamour, strong bright blues look stunning with glass and crystal wear and add a fantasy atmosphere to the room.

5. Consider all the small, warm touches

Tips for planning a winter wedding

If you have lounges or outside sitting areas, provide blankets. This can also add to the decor which looks great. Perhaps you can add more warm beverages to the menu such as mulled wine or cider at the bar, and a tea station. Nb: You'll want to consider the glassware hire too when providing different beverages. Let your guests know to bring coats and ensure you have a cloakroom at the reception.


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