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Types of event table hire

So you know you need tables for your event but are unsure what type of tables you should be looking to hire? Below is a summary of the most common types of tables hired for events, and the differences between them.

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Trestle table hire

Trestle tables are a popular choice for banquet and seated events. Plastic trestle tables are more commonly used, or the timber trestle tabletop if you need something more sturdy. Portable and lightweight, trestle tables have foldable legs to allow for convenient transportation and pack up before and after an event.

Party Hire Group also have kids sized trestle tables available for hire.

Types of event table hire

Round table hire

Round tables are perfect for events where you want your guests to be more group interactive. White round tables are popular for outdoor, casual events, whereas the banquet table is more popular for functions (seating up to 8 guests). The major benefit is that all guests can easily see and hear each other, facilitating conversation between either large or small groups. They are also great when you want to avoid having heads of table seating if it's not appropriate for your event. The only downside of having only round tables is that they don't join together to form large tables as conveniently if required. However, if that's not a consideration for your event, then round shaped tables can be the perfect seating option for you.

Types of event table hire

Bar and cocktail table hire

Hiring bar and cocktail tables are great for stand-up events, giving your guests somewhere to place their drink or food, as well as creating opportunities to mingle around a table.

White top bar tables are sturdy and easy to use for cocktail parties and functions. The wire cocktail tables are a fancier choice and look terrific.

High bar and cocktail tables are popular where space is limited as they take up less space and can do away with the need for seating. If your guests will be standing around for a while, it might be advisable to provide bar stool seating to complement this table option. Bar and high tables are less convenient for guests when more food will be served.

Types of event table hire

Coffee table hire

Everyone loves to relax and sit around a coffee table. These are definitely worth considering to have at your event if you have families or elderly guests or if you'd like to have a more informal space. You can always add some ottomans or benches to your hire, or style it with some comfortable lounge suites.

Although the food on plates can be eaten over a coffee table, it would generally not be advisable to seat a large number of guests with plated food using only coffee tables.

Types of event table hire