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Wedding Trends for 2023

Is it time to start planning your wedding in 2023?

Planning a wedding day is a little like starting with a blank canvas, and slowly adding different colours to create the vision in your mind.

Instead of the pencils and paints you would apply onto your canvas, you need to make decisions about wedding suppliers, catering, styling, fashion, music choices, guests, budgeting and more – that will all work together to create the perfect end vision for your wedding day.

But how do you make these decisions to create your perfect day? With so many different styles, how do you choose? And what choices will make your day stand out from all the other weddings?

Here, we outline 3 wedding trends for 2023, guaranteed to turn heads and get people talking.

Outdoor weddings are in!

With the last 2 years where we have been hit by Covid & La Nina, 2023 is the year to plan our wedding outdoors.

Think Marquees, festoon lights, long king tables, warm weather, and a beautiful sunset. An outdoor reception will give your wedding a relaxed mood that cannot be replicated in an indoor setting.

However, if you are considering having an outdoor reception, the elements can create chaos if you're not prepared. The best way to foolproof your plan is to have your wedding reception under a marquee. Hosting your wedding in a marquee doesn't just protect you and your guests from the weather; you can create an atmosphere that feels as cosy as an indoor venue, and with the different choices of roofs and wall panels, the options are endless.

Wedding Trends for 2023


Let your furniture do the talking

The prediction is that 2023 weddings is the year of bold colour palettes., so when thinking of ways to inject colour into your weddings, think beyond flowers, invitations, centrepieces, and napkins and consider your furniture options.

The sky's the limit when it comes to the number of ways you can create inviting spaces just by creating cocktail and lounge areas to your reception area, and while you're at it, hire furniture suited to your colour theme to create boldness.

Think coloured cocktail tables surrounding your dining tables at your reception, lounge and arm chairs during speeches – you are able to create your wedding with a difference with just a few of these additions.

Wedding Trends for 2023

Upgrade your Cake Table

It's time to leave traditions behind, so when it comes to your cake table, why not hire display plinths instead.

Plinths come in all shapes and sizes, and by hiring a set means you will have multiple plinths at different heights which enable to you to display photos or florals besides your wedding cake.

Wedding Trends for 2023