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What you need to know for an outdoor marquee event

Marquee wedding receptions are becoming increasingly popular as couples opt for better value venues that offer a mix of provisions and DIY. With this popularity, it’s advisable to book your marquee as early as possible before your big day, ideally 12 months. Here are some other useful tips to consider when planning your marquee event,

Allow 1.2sqm per guest for sit-down functions

This is a guide only, but generally, we’ve found the best rule of thumb is to allow 1.2sqm per guest for sit-down functions, and 0.75sqm for stand-up events. This doesn’t include other features such as the dance-floor, bar area etc.

Consider whether the event will be in the marquee area in whole or partial

If the weather is clear, many wedding receptions prefer to have the dance floor outside of the marquee under the stars. Or if the festivities are kept undercover, it may be that a sit-down or quieter space is provided outside.

Hire a few marquees and place them adjacent

This can be a nice option instead of everything being under one single roof. It’s also a great way to spread your event and give your guests a bit more freedom to roam and move throughout. Having a few marquees is also an option if you want to create specifically allocated areas, i.e. a children’s section, an undercover alternative to a balcony/separated section etc.

Multiple marquee reception

Decorating your marquee

Most events that have a specific style or theme in mind will also decorate their marquee. Adding hanging decor really brings the space together and adds to the overall atmosphere of your event. Whether it’s hanging plants, flower arrangements, fairy lights or sashes, there are loads of beautiful (and affordable) ways to decorate your marquee. These are our top Pinterest inspiration ideas,

Rustic hanging ladders with greenery and flora
Strings of fairy lights and greenery
Hanging bunting
Hanging macrame and ferns

Additional items to hire with your marquee

If you’re planning an outdoor reception, you’ll also want to cross-reference the below check-list to make sure your event is fully covered,

  • Portable or accessible toilets
  • Flooring or staging if your event is outdoors and you want it on even ground
  • Portable kitchen – if there is not one on site
  • Lighting – for both inside and outside the marquee
  • Generators – If your event is remote and needs power supply
  • Heaters for winter or fans for summer may be required