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Lounge and Sofa Hire for Events

Lounge hire and sofa hire are a great choice for your next event in Sydney and Melbourne. they provide a comfortable seating alternative and create a relaxed atmosphere for your event. Think of your favourite trendy bar, which usually will be a mixture of bar stools, dining and lounge options. When considering your lounge chair hire and sofa hire, these are our top tips from Party Hire Group to help guide your decision making process.

Work a lounge area into your overall floor plan

This will help you visualise where to best place the lounge seating area. You'll want to consider the overall layout and floor space of your event and plan your lounge hire into this. For example, whilst it may seem like a good idea to separate your lounge area from other seating arrangements, you don't want the section to feel closed off from the event. Because the sofas will be a lower height, you'll also need to consider not having any tall or dining tables too close to this that will make the set up feel out of proportion.

By having a clear floor plan you'll also be able to factor in where people will be moving around your event. Having a lounge area too close to thoroughfare can feel awkward for those who are sitting down, and the last thing you want is for people to be walking through the area where people are sitting and relaxing. This makes a floor plan your best bet to get the logistics right.

Include several lounge chairs to create a dedicated lounge area

Note the plural use of chairs! It's best to hire a few chairs that can be grouped together for seating so it feels like a communal area rather than a single couch on it's own! Ideally it's better to hire chairs that are around the same height, to make it easier to sit and talk, and it's a nice touch to include a rug or throw on the floor to enclose the space. Adding a few side tables or a central coffee table is useful for people to rest their drink and will help the area to feel more styled.

Lounges at an  outdoor event
Lounge area at a reception

Your dedicated lounge area doesn't have to be too big, just think to include two lounge seats at a minimum. It's usually a nicer layout to have the lounge area in an L or U shape, so the area feels communal and inclusive.

Ottoman chair lounge hire

An ottoman is a couch with no back. Ottomans are popular as they are extremely comfortable to sit and rest on and are sleek and minimal. The great thing about ottomans is having no back or arm rest, they are usually less bulky and a stylish addition to any lounge suite.

Ottomans are also a nice option to add to areas that have no seating, particularly if you have elderly guests who can't remain standing for too long. Throw and pillows generally aren't needed with an ottoman, however including a side table is useful to rest your drink and will avoid people leaving drinks or belongings on the floor which can be hazardous.

Select a theme or style, and keep it consistent

Lounge hire looks great at events of all occasions. If you do however make the area feel holistically styled, it can add a special and unique touch to an event space overall. It's also a great spot for guests to take happy snaps!

Styling a lounge area doesn't have to be fancy or too much work, the sofas available through Party Hire Group are all excellent quality and on trends, and look great simply as is when you hire! If you prefer, throwing down rug or a couple of cushions can also be a special touch, or adding some lamps and pot plants next to an oversized lounge chair is another easy addition.

If you're feeling inspired and creative to add a lounge chair area to your next event, check out our lounge and sofa hire event ideas on Pinterest here.