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Microphone Hire

Wireless microphone and receiver

This wireless mic has auto frequency scan with transmitter setup which allows for easy detection. The microphone delivers exceptional wireless clarity. It includes microphone batteries which will give 8 hours of use.

Microphone hire guide

Microphone equipment hire is available from the Party Hire Group Sydney warehouse.

There are a few options to consider when hiring a microphone. Do you want a corded microphone, or a wireless microphone so that you can move around freely?


  • Corded microphone hire

corded microphone hire



Our corded microphones available for hire are approximately 2-3 metres in length. While the range is limited, corded microphones are less prone to interference from the environment and can be more reliable as there is no chance the speaker will move out of range and cut out the sound.










  • Wireless microphone hire

If you need more range to move around, a wireless microphone can work up to approximately 10-20 metres away from the receiver, depending on the environment that it is operating in. If you are just talking in the microphone, the standard microphones will suffice. For performances and singing, we can recommend some top of the line microphones for use.

microphone hire wedding

How to use a microphone, mixer and speaker setup

To use a microphone, you need to connect it to a mixer, and then to a speaker to generate sound – you can’t hire a microphone on it’s own.

However if you only need one microphone, we can connect it direct to the speaker, saving you the cost of needing to hire a mixer as well.


Microphone hire tips

When using a microphone, there are some simple tips to ensure things go smoothly.

  1. Never stand directly in front of the speaker with a microphone as this will pick up feedback and create a loud screeching noise.
  2. If you are using multiple microphones, it is best to keep the microphones and guests using them at least 1.5m apart, as this could also cause feedback.
  3. Finally, if using a wireless microphone, make sure you turn it off when done so you dont burn out the battery.
  4. If you are hiring a microphone for an event with speakers who do not have experience using a microphone before, it is a good idea to practice with them before hand so they can get a feel of how close to speak into the microphone, how loud they should talk and which buttons to press to turn it on/off.

We do have an all in one portable speaker system with a microphone that is battery powered. This is great for small outdoor events or outdoor presentations. No power is needed and it is ready to go, check out the Mipro portable speaker in the Audio Hire section.


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