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Mushroom Heaters

Hire a mushroom heater from Party Hire Group and keep your guests happy and warm during the cold season. We have a range of heater hire packages available to suit any sized area. We deliver across Sydney and Melbourne and set up for you.

A mushroom heater will give between 8-10 hours of heating depending on the setting you have it on. They stand at about 2.2m tall and have a mushroom-shaped lid which projects the heat down. They are for outdoor use and should be placed in well-ventilated areas. They are great for areas where you have open space as they need about 1m above them as they do get warm on the lid and above it. An area heater is better suited if you have areas of low clearance. Please see our area heater price page.

We have packages from one heater up to eight mushroom heaters. We can also cater to large events where you require more than eight heaters. Just call for a price on multiple heaters. All prices below are for a 24 hour hire period. If you require to hire for more then 24 hours, please contact us for a reduced long term hire price.