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Chair, table and linen hire packages for events

When planning your event chair and table hire, it's a good idea to include linen hire also. It's usually more economical to include linen as part of a hire package, and is much easier when planning and setting up your event to be sure that all styles and dimensions will be complimentary. Below is a guide of chair, table and linen combinations to consider when hiring your event package.

Trestle table linen hire and chairs

The trestle table gets its name from the two (sometimes three) trestle supports that are linked by a longer bar of which a board or tabletop is placed on. In earlier times, trestle tables were quite literally a board placed over trestle legs, made for easy assembling and storage.

Today trestle tables are much sturdier and commonly used for rectangular dining table arrangements, extended tables or ad hoc uses such as a check-in table for conferences and functions.

Chair, table and linen hire packages for events

At Party Hire Group our trestle table linen comes in white and black and is provided washed and ironed so they are ready to use  on delivery. Both plastic and wooden trestle tables are the same size, so your table linen will fit both.

All Tiffany, folding, Victorian, plastic, wire and tolix chairs fit perfectly with trestle tables, making them the perfect choice for dining occasions. All chairs come in white and black, with the Victorian and Tiffany having a clear, “ghost” option too. Tolix and wire chairs specially come in a range of bright colour options including silver, yellow, green (lime), blue, purple, red and orange which you'll want to consider when matching this with linen and table dressings.

Chair, table and linen hire packages for events
Corporate event with the Victorian ghost chair, connected trestle tables and white table linen

Trestle table and linen are a favourite party hire option for their ease to set up and packed down. The trestle table comes in a 1.8m length or 2.4m length and can easily be adjoined if you want to seat extra people. Another great tip for linen when adjoining trestle tables, is to not fold down the ends of each table, but instead have a small overlay on the table tap between each linen cloth. This creates an elongated effect that all the tables are in fact connected together.


Chair, table and linen hire packages for events

Round banquet tables and linen hire

Depending on your room layout, round banquet tables can sometimes be a more practical choice for events, especially if your room is spread out and you need everyone to have one particular area viewable. Banquet tables are popular for more formal events such as weddings, dinners and corporate events. Banquet table hire is a great option if you want more of your guests to be able to see each other and talk across the table, rather than being confined to your one rectangular section.

Chair, table and linen hire packages for events


Round banquet tables are a classic table choice for events, and throwing a table cloth over them is the finishing touch needed to complete your arrangement. At Party Hire Group our banquet table linen comes in white and black. These are two staple bases that are guaranteed to look crisp and immaculate. The table cloths drop to the floor so you don't need to worry about any unsightly underneath! When you have a room filled with several dressed banquet tables too, the tabletop to floor linen dressing looks dramatic and impressive.

Chair, table and linen hire packages for events
Dressed white linen, round banquet table for a wedding event

Cocktail tables and coloured lyra cover hire

Want to add some colour throughout your event? Lycra table socks are pretty much as described – a lycra, sock like fitting that snugly covers your cocktail tables. The best part? At Party Hire Group our lycra table covers come in pink, baby link, orange, baby blue, navy red and purple – so you really do have all the colours of the rainbow to choose from!

Chair, table and linen hire packages for events

Coloured cocktail tables are great for more events that are themed, like a Halloween or birthday celebration, or even for corporate events if you were to choose your brand or team colours. Although the sock is made of lycra, these table covers are designed to be fitting so there won't be any excess drape (as most people are usually standing around cocktail tables), and the fabric isn't slippery so placing food and drinks down will still be stable.

Whilst most cocktail tables are used for guests to place down their drinks or plates, they can also be a great way to serve appetizers or grazing plates.

Chair, table and linen hire packages for events

If you're looking to place a few empty cocktail tables around and want to give your guest the option to sit down, we recommend hiring tolix or wire stools. These are light and easy to maneuver, as well as look great coming in a variety of colours.

Hire your chairs, table and linen in a package

Hiring your chairs, table and linen in a package deal is your best option for price, and to ensure your event furnishings comes together seamlessly. It also makes it much easier for set-up and pack down if these main items are arriving together. At Party Hire Group, we're Sydney's leading supplier for chair hire, table hire and table linen and our friendly team would be more than happy to help put a custom quote together for your event needs. Contact us on 1300 33 99 81 or email