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Music Entertainment Options for your event

The key ingredient for any successful event is entertainment, and music tends to be the most popular choice. There are various options available to keep the mood of your party energetic.

1. A disc jockey – A DJ tends to be the number one choice when it comes to playing music at a party. DJ's are commonly used because they have access to all the DJ equipment and have a broad range of music. They have experience playing music at different events, and usually know what music will work for each type of event and crowd. Utilising the services of a DJ almost ensures that the music component of your party will be done well. A good DJ will accommodate to requests, as well as play music that suits your crowd, not necessarily their own taste in music. They will bring professional sound and lighting equipment and will combine this with great music to deliver an entertaining experience.

2. Bands – Another great way to entertain your guests is to hire a band. There are many different bands out there, depending on the genre of music you require you can usually find a band that accommodates your music preference. Good bands will usually offer a mix of their own songs and popular covers. Before selecting your band, be sure to see a list of what they have available to play. Unlike a DJ, a band cant just play any song. They need to know the song, so are therefore more limited to on the spot requests. Bands offer a great live feel, however, they can be a fair bit more expensive than a DJ, and they usually play for a shorter time than a DJ.

3. Karaoke and jukebox machines – If your after interactive music engagement, then a jukebox and karaoke machine may be the way to go for you. These great machines offer you the ability to pick and choose your own music. They have thousands of songs available from all genres, so you can choose the music that you want, as opposed to what limitations a band or DJ might have. The other great thing is that the machines are an over night hire, so you get to have the music for a longer period compared with a DJ or band which only play for a set number of hours. Best of all, if you're brave enough to sing, these machines allow you to select karaoke mode. This can create a really fun atmosphere at a party and get your guests involved in the festivities.

4. DIY sound systems – If you're on a budget or would prefer to keep the music low key then you may want to look at doing the music yourself. Most people have their own music on a phone or computer. You can hire speakers with a cord that plugs right into the head phone socket of your device. This will allow you to have the music at a good volume for your event, and will allow you to have complete control over the music.

Overall, no matter which audio hire option you choose, they all have their unique benefits and pros and cons. If you require any assistance booking any of these items we can definitely help.


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