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Party Hire Blackburn

Party Hire Blackburn offers a complete range of chair hire, marquees and table hire. Our warehouse is filled with items to suit whatever kind of event you are having. We have everything you need under one roof. We have equipment perfect for the corporate industry, as well as special weddings and birthdays.

Our team of professional experts have all the knowledge on our products and are waiting to answer your questions. If you're not sure whether it's a Tiffany chair or wedding hire you need, or if you don't know what the best flavour syrup to use with your cocktail machine is, we are here to help.

If you're planning on having a house party but you're worried about the size of your house, then expand your party area with one, or several, of our pop up marquees. Our marquees are strong and reliable. We only buy top of the range equipment. This is the only way to ensure our items are fit for use time and time again.

Our pop up marquees come in 2 sizes. We have the 3mx3m and the 3mx6m. Both structures have a durable aluminium frame that won't rust. The legs are 31mm thick and they have an adjustable height of between 180cm and 200cm. Our pop up marquees are able to be joined together to fully maximise the coverage of your intended area. We also have walls that are waterproof and offer high UV protection.

When ordering one of our pop up marquees we would suggest considering one of our heaters to ensure your guests remain comfortable whilst outside. Our area heater is ideal for use within our marquees. It sits at approximately 1.5 meters tall, so it fits underneath and leaves space so the roof doesn't get burnt. This heater emits heat at chest height, ideal for those sitting down. When bundled together our marquee and heater packages really give our customers a great option for expanding their space. Our heaters run on gas and come with a 9kg bottle so no need for any electrical access.

Party hire Blackburn also has a large supply of mushroom heaters. These heaters are taller than the area heater, coming in at 2.2 meters tall. Designed to heat those guests in standing areas, the mushroom heater has a hat on top which deflects the heat back down.

If your space is large and well ventilated the mushroom heaters provide an excellent heating choice. Party hire Blackburn also recommends our space heaters. These heaters are powerful and are specifically designed for industrial usage. They blow hot air out of a chamber and are great for heating up large areas. The space heater can be loud to operate so we recommend using it to warm the space up before guests arrive.