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Party Hire Group Woodpark

Party Hire Group Woodpark can supply a complete range of party equipment for your next event or function. We also supply to the surrounding areas of Greystanes, Guildford,  Mays Hill, Merrylands West, Smithfield, Wentworthville. Contact the friendly team with all inquiries.

If you need chairs, chair hire Woodpark have the largest range of chairs available in Sydney. If you are holding a conference we have comfortable chairs available in vibrant colors such as yellow and lime green that will liven up the atmosphere of your room.  You may be having an engagement or bridal party so some elegant and classy chairs such as Tiffany chairs may be to your liking.  We have sturdy and robust children's chairs that are bright colored and stackable. Our chair hire is also very affordable for your budget.

If you need tables, table hire Woodpark is the place to go. We can provide tables of all colors and styles to match your hire chairs. These tables come in a variety of sizes styles and designs, such as rectangular trestle tables, round banquet tables, stainless steel cocktail tables and wire coffee tables that can also serve as cocktail tables. You may need some sturdy tables for a children's party or a Tapas banquet table for casual dining.  The plastic lightweight trestle tables are also a popular choice for casual staff training days, outdoor parties, or street parties.

When you need lighting for a party, lighting hire Woodpark, has exactly what you need. Whether it is disco ball lighting, strobe lighting to create bursts of light, laser lights, LED strips or UV Black Light hire to create a glow effect, we can help you create the right mood for your event. You can also add a fog machine and use with party or laser lights to create a beam effect. Check out the rope lights and rice paper lanterns that are good for decorating marquees. Accessories such as lighting stands  and trussing are available if needed.

For funky cocktail furniture, cocktail furniture hire Woodpark has the best range. The range includes bar tables, bar chairs and stools. The  cocktail bar tables come in a range of colors and there is also a range of glow cocktail furniture that becomes illuminated at night and is stand out feature for any party. We have cocktail stools in an array of bright vibrant colors such as silver and purple that will look great at any cocktail party. There are stainless steel cocktail tables and our attractive range of ghost stools.

The best wedding chairs can be found at wedding chair hire Woodpark.  The most popular chairs for weddings are tiffany chairs,  and white  padded folding chairs with comfortable backrest and padded cushions. The silver and white Tiffany chairs are a timeless style and designed for elegant classy events. Also available in black and clear tones. Ghost chairs are also a classy yet modern chair designed to complement any special occasion. You may also consider the elegant but modern Victorian style chair range.

So no matter the size or type of party you are planning, Party Hire Group Woodpark can provide the equipment to make it a memorable event.