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Party Hire Oakleigh

Party Hire Oakleigh has a large collection of hire items which are designed for both formal and informal occasions. Whilst we are able to cater for high-end events through our Tiffany chair range, we also have some great, cost effective options as well.

Our range of wedding chairs, commonly referred to as gladiator chairs, are ideal for any event, especially those hosted at your own home. These foldable chairs are easy to store and move, making them ideal for home use. Made from a plastic resin, these folding chairs have consistently set the benchmark for strength, durability and reliability.

They have lead the market for over 15 years and continue to be a favourite choice for many events and hire companies, hotels and local council venues, where a focus on product quality and safety is a priority. Our wedding chairs are reinforced with a steel frame giving them that extra sturdiness and weight capacity.

Alongside our wedding chairs we have plastic stackable chairs. These stackable chairs are one of our most commonly hired items. They are our cheapest option and due to their high production standard are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. These chairs are durable with a maximum weight capacity of 120kgs, which is very good for a plastic chair. Our plastic stackable chairs are designed to be comfortably used by everyone.

No side rail means every guest is able to effortlessly use this chair. Due to their specific design, these chairs are able to be stacked to about 20 high. This allows for quicker and easier transport and set up for our customers. It also means that after your event, you can stack them together to make cleaning up a lot easier.

Our plastic stackable chair range is most commonly used for home events, such as birthdays, BBQ's, anniversaries and general parties. Being easy to move but also tough and sturdy, they are perfect for backyard use. Unlike most of our chair range, the plastic stackable chair is fully waterproof and as such can be left outside at the end of your event. This offers you peace of mind and allows you to concentrate on enjoying your event.

If during your event, the chairs get dirty, then a quick wipe with a cloth and some water is usually enough to clean the chair. These robust and durable plastic stackable chairs are truly the ideal party chair.

Party hire group offers the residents of Oakleigh, not just chairs, but also provide tables. We have a warehouse fully stocked with plastic trestle tables ideal for complementing our plastic stackable chairs. Our trestle tables are light but strong. They have 2 sets of strong legs at each end of the table and both legs fold down and lock in with a locking ring.

Once the tables are set up they can handle a high weight capacity and are solid. These tables are waterproof and are easy to clean.