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Party Hire Oxley Park

Party Hire Oxley Park will provide you with all the necessary equipment for your celebrations. We also offer party rentals in the nearby suburbs including: Colyton, St Marys, Mount Druitt, Saint Clair, Hebersham, Emerton. Party Hire Oxley Park has you covered with all the equipment you might need to throw your event.

Chair Hire Oxley Park offers a wide range of chairs to suit all types of events and client needs. In fact, we are one of the largest chair rental companies in the region. Whether you are hosting an informal function, a conference or a formal function, we have everything from simple plastic chairs to our popular and elegant Tiffany chairs. You will also find our classic conference chairs, perfect for corporate events, meetings and seminars; or our wire chairs to give a bohemian look to your event; visit our website to check our big range.

Table Hire Oxley Park has a great availability of tables. Our gloss bridal tables are one of our customers' favourites. This table will add a touch of glamour to your event. These beautiful and modern tables are very popular due to their timber front and tinted mirror top. Each table seats two people, you can put a maximum of seven tables together to make it appear longer.

Marquee Hire Oxley Park offers a beautiful look, in addition to its aesthetic appearance ; it will protect your guests from the rain or a sunny day. We have marquees of all sizes, so depending on the space you have and the guests you want to accommodate, we can find the best solution for you.

Our Curved Glow Bar Hire Oxley Park offers a colourful and cool atmosphere in addition to its lighting function. It's great for adding a fun touch to any event. Our curved light bar features a small storage space for drinks and ice. Many of our customers like to combine three of these for a longer, curvier look, making it a half-round bar.

Do you want to create the best entry atmosphere for your event? Bollards Hire Oxley Park, has the most glamorous and classy bollards to offer. Our bollard hire is commonly used for entryways, queues, parties, launches, and looks great with our black ropes.These bollards will ensure that your event or venue is both safe and stylish.

If you are hosting an important event, Party Hire Oxley Park has all the indispensable equipment for you, including the perfect table and chairs, glow furniture Marquees and the most elegant bollards.

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