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Party Hire Pagewood

At Pagewood Party Hire we have been servicing Pagewood and surrounding suburbs like Eastgardens, Daceyville, Kingsford, Eastlakes, Rosebery, Botany, Hillsdale, Banksmeadow, Maroubra and Mascot.

Within Pagewood and surrounds there are also many industrial sites that Pagewood Party Hire has delivered chair hire, table hire and other event hire equipment for over 10 years and continues to do so on a daily basis throughout the year.

Many of our large industrial businesses will hold special events or training days often that they will need additional furniture to accommodate their employees or guests for the day or even across a number of days.

At Pagewood Party Hire if you need to hire some of our items across a number or days or even longer, all you have to do is ask! It's really that simple, we can then work out whether we have these items available for the duration you need our items and then will quote you accordingly.

Generally speaking, our prices are based on a one day hire however if you need to hire more than one day we will provide you with a special rate so that you don't have to pay a full day hire for each day you have our hire items.

Some of our popular chair hire in Pagewood is our conference chair, this chair is traditional and is suitable for corporate or professional events that require their guests to be seated comfortably especially if the event is held for longer periods of time.

Pagewood Party Hire also hires out the 1.8m plastic trestle tables in bulk to many events at businesses along with our conference chair as some events they may need table for a catered lunch or for your attendees to work off especially if it's a seminar or a workshop that will need interaction from the attendees.

Did you know that at Pagewood Party Hire we also hire our audio equipment but also lecterns as well, if you don't have a sound system, we have a package that includes audio and also a lectern for a reduced price in comparison to hiring each item separately.

That's just how we work at Pagewood Party Hire we try to provide the best value for you by bundling many items together as a package when we notice it's a product that gets hired together often for our clients events.

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