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Party Hire Port Melbourne

Party hire Port Melbourne can supply event furniture such as tiffany chair hire, wedding chairs, slushie machines, heaters, banquet tables and trestle tables. We can deliver these items to a variety of locations such as wedding venues, hotels, public spaces, beaches, homes and work spaces.

Party hire Port Melbourne also supplies pop up marquees, popcorn machines and fairy floss machines. We see these items being utilised at both commercial and residential locations. With a 24/7 delivery schedule available that covers the whole of Melbourne, party hire Port Melbourne can deliver or pick up your chosen items at any time at any location.

We have a large supply of banquet tables perfect for formal events. Our banquet tables are 1.8 meters in diameter and are 76cm high. They can seat 8 guests per table. Banquet tables are a great choice for sit-down events, with guests finding it a more sociable experience facing each other. They offer more table space than most other options making them the perfect choice for dinner events.

Trestle table hire from party hire Port Melbourne gives you a choice of either 1.8-meter tables or 2.4-meter tables. Our 1.8-meter table is 73cm high and 76cm wide. It seats 8 guests and can be placed up against another trestle table to make a longer table. Our 2.4-meter option is the also 73cm high and 76cm wide but offers seating for an additional 2 guests, making it a 10 seater.

Our trestle tables are very versatile and as well as seated dinner events, they often used for markets, garage sales, give always plus they make great options for use with any of our slushy machines, popcorn machines or fairy floss machines.

Heater hire is a great way to make your party more comfortable for your guests. We hire out mushroom heaters, area heaters and electric radiant heaters for parties across Port Melbourne. The heaters are perfect for warming up the nights and taking the sting out of winter. They are a great source of heat and will help combat some of those cold coastal breezes.

Port Melbourne heater hire offers packages that allow you to combine multiple heaters and receive discounts, so if you have a large event space to heat, we can help make this more affordable.

So check out party hire Port Melbourne today and be sure to contact us to book all our amazing party products to ensure your event is one to remember for all the right reasons.