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Party Hire Sackville North

Party Hire Sackville North has you covered with a wide range of party hire equipment. We also cater to nearby areas such as Ebenezer , Leets Vale, Lower Portland, Wheeny Creek and South Moroota.

One of the most important aspects of any event is seating arrangements, our variety of table hire Sackville and chair hire Sackville is available for rent to suit your occasion. Our trestle table is a versatile and popular choice and comes in sturdy plastic or timber ranging from 1.8 – 2.4 metres, if you prefer round tables are available that seat from 8 – 12 people. With over 60 styles of chairs you're bound to find a chair to complement your table choice, from our ghost chair style which comes in transparent, black or white and adds a chic and modern flair to any event, while our wire chairs are perfect for outdoor events and garden parties. We can't forget the kids, and have kids tables for hire which paired with our colourful chairs create a fun and playful atmosphere.

Cocktail furniture Sackville North is an essential part of any cocktail party or event. With a range of stylish and functional pieces available to create the perfect party atmosphere. You'll find a wide selection of cocktail furniture, including high tables, bar stools, ottomans, and benches. These items come in a range of styles, from classic and elegant to modern and minimalist, you'll definitely find the pieces to suit your event. One of our most popular types of cocktail furniture is the high table, designed tall enough for guests to stand around and socialise. Keep your guests warm with our heater hire Sackville North range of heaters. We have freestanding gas or electric heaters available, and our space heaters are great to heat a large space.

We have high-quality audio equipment for hire from audio hire Sackville North's range, whether you need a small sound system for a backyard party or a large-scale PA system for a concert or conference, we've got it covered. We have a variety of speakers, microphones, mixers, amplifiers, and other audio accessories from top brands in the industry, such as JBL, QSC, and Pioneer. We also offer different audio hire packages to suit your needs and budget, so you can customise your audio setup.

Make your party a memorable one, and check out Party Hire Sackville North website for all your party hire needs.

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