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Party Hire Warrandyte 

Party Hire Warrandyte provides all the equipment necessary for any type of event. We also offer party hire to nearby suburbs including: North Warrandyte, Warrandyte South, Park Orchards, Research, Eltham and Donvale.

Having the right table is crucial in any event, this is why Table Hire Warrandyte brings the best variety of tables. For a wedding, conferences or just any party, we suggest our Black Harping Banquet table, its modern and rustic design makes it appealing for big gatherings, you can accommodate around 8 people. Some of our customers like to use it as a buffet station, however, it is so versatile that it could be adapted to any event.

Chair Hire Warrandyte offers a big range of chairs, starting from basic plastic ones, folded chairs, conference chairs, wire chairs; available in different colours and material to suit the style of your event. For example, if you are hosting a pool party or an event in the garden, we have the perfect deck chairs to match your style. Our beautiful lounge outdoor chair comes with a headrest; its design makes it extremely comfortable for guests to relax and enjoy the event.

Bar table Hire Warrandyte is one of the most popular ones for minimalist events, you can fit up to 4 people; this table can be used for placing drinks or snacks. It provides a modern and stylish atmosphere. These tables are ideal to match with our Ivory Ghost Stool.

Add to this fun and modern look, our Lighting Hire Warrandyte system. Our laser lights are a great option in any party, you can select the colour you like, either blue, green, red or multicolour. Our lighting system provides a happy and fun atmosphere for everyone to experience the lights moving to the rhythm of the music.

Interested in hiring the best audio equipment for your conference or event? We have the solution, our PA system with microphone and speakers is a must for any event, big or small. If you are looking for quality apparatus with clear sound, Audio Hire Warrandyte is definitely your best choice. It's easy to install and use, but if you need any help we are happy to guide you on how to do the setup.

If you are throwing a party during a cold day or night, Heater Hire Warrandyte has the best solution for your celebration, we offer heater hire, and we have different types available, for indoor and outdoor events, we have electrical and gas bottle operated ones. To find the most suitable one for your event, we invite you to visit our website at

No matter the style of it, Party hire Warrandyte will have everything you need, from chairs, tables, lighting system to glow furniture, heaters, and more.