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Party Hire Yarraville

Party Hire Yarraville presents all the supplies that you need for your event. We also offer party hire to nearby locations such as Seddon, Kingsville, Spotswood, West Melbourne, Newport and Footscray.

Party hire Yarraville can assist you in establishing the most memorable atmosphere for your guests. We invite you to visit our website, where you can see our services and choose from a wide selection of equipment at affordable prices.

You can find a wide range of high-quality chairs if you search for Chair Hire Yarraville. We have everything you need to host a formal or informal event, with 10 or 100 attendees. We rent chairs in the following categories: plastic stackable seats, cushioned collapsing seats, meeting seats, or our well known tiffany seats in various tones like silver, clear, gold, white and a lot more seats.

If you search for Table Hire Yarraville, you will come across our trestle tables, which  are easy to adapt to any event due to their large size and convenience, as well as our round tables, which are ideal for large dining areas. We also have the glow mini rounded yoyo table, this one will wow your guests and provide the best atmosphere and vibes for a cool and colourful party.

Are you hosting a picnic party? We have the ideal low picnic table for your event, suitable for both children's parties and garden parties. These tables are nice and will definitely make a statement

If you look for Marquees Hire Yarraville, you will find our marquees. In addition to its beautiful look, our Marquees are the best choice for outdoor events; It will also shield your guests from hot and rainy days or nights. We offer a variety of sizes so you can customise them to your liking.

Do you want to create the best entry atmosphere for your event? Bollards Hire Yarraville, has the most glamorous and classy bollards to offer. Our bollard hire is commonly used for entryways, queues, parties, launches, and looks great with our black ropes.These bollards will ensure that your event or venue is both safe and stylish.

If you are hosting an important event, Party Hire Yarraville has all the indispensable equipment for you, including the perfect table and chairs, glow furniture Marquees and the most elegant bollards.