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Black Square Plinth Hire - Large
  • Black Square Plinth Hire - Large
  • A LARGE room filled with balloons and spaceships.
  • A black cake is on display on a large plinth in a bar.
  • A large black vase stands on top of a square plinth.

Black Square Plinth Hire - Large


DescriptionLarge Black Square Plinth
UsageOur plinth hire perfect for use at any special event from Birthdays, Engagements and Corporate Events
AvailabilityOur plinths are available to hire in Sydney

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Add a touch of grandeur to your next event with our Large Black Square Plinth hire. Made from sturdy timber, our plinth hire is both lightweight and durable, making it easy to transport and place throughout your event space. Its sleek black finish complements any event theme, and the elevated platform provides a stunning display area for your centrepiece.

Our Large Black Square Plinth hire is perfect for showcasing your birthday cake, desserts, flower arrangements, sculptures, and other decorations at indoor and outdoor events. The simple yet elegant design of our plinth hire allows it to blend seamlessly into any event space, creating a sophisticated and modern atmosphere.

Our Large Black Square Plinth hire is available individually or in a set of three, ensuring that your event has the perfect display. It perfectly aligns with our backdrops and cake stands, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

At Party Hire Group, we understand the importance of quality equipment to create a successful event. That's why we offer high-quality large plinth hire services in Sydney. Elevate your event with our Large Black Square Plinth hire today and make a lasting impression on your guests. Contact us now to learn more.

Size - Large - 90cm x 30cm x 30cm